2018 Consultation for Regulation 14 Submission

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NP Flyer2018 Consultation for Regulation 14 Submission

This Consultation which started on 4th June 2018 ended on 22nd July.  The consultation took the form of:

  • Exhibition – see Exhibition Boards here, (PDF file)
  • The release of the Regulation 14 version of the Neighbourhood Plan document, and
  • Feedback form.

Consultation Material

The following material was made available:

The Exhibition Boards will be uploaded to this page just prior to the exhibition date of 23rd June.

The relationship between Colchester Borough Council’s Local Plan and the Neighbourhood Plan

Our Neighbourhood Plan (NP) must be in conformity with the Local Plan (LP) for Colchester Borough (CBC).  The LP consultations have ended, and the Examination in Public is awaited later in the year.

The Publication Draft of Colchester’s Local Plan and accompanying proposals maps can be found here:

A Taste of What’s To Come

We have identified eight exciting aspects that are important to our village:

Village Society & Community

We believe that a thriving community needs the opportunity, through great facilities, to come together through social clubs, events and groups.

  • We propose to maintain existing Village facilities and explore the further development of the Orpen Hall as a Community Centre.
  • We will continue to promote and support Village societies and clubs.


We want to protect the existing natural and urban environment and explore opportunities to create new areas of open space.

  • Changes in land use will be resisted and access to the countryside enhanced through the use of the Public Right Of Way network.
  • Green Spaces and important views have been identified for protection from development.
  • Littering and dog fouling issues will need to be addressed and resisted.
  • Our plan contains policies to protect the environment.

Map of housing & plannning

Housing & Planning

We support limited and appropriate expansion in the Parish to satisfy the housing needs of villagers rather than solely the market-driven forces of developers.

  • We reject large-scale development at the periphery of the village as unnecessary and undesirable. We wish the village to remain distinct from Colchester.
  • Preference will be given to proposals which maximise affordable and smaller homes.
  • Integration of open space, environmental features as well as sustainable transport options will be an integral part of any plans approved.

Business & Commerce

We want to create opportunities to work and trade locally by a controlled expansion of existing employment facilities.

  • The conversion of commercial premises into residential property or the use of associated land for such purposes will be resisted so as to preserve the employment opportunities which exist in the village and wider parish area.
  • Any expansion of current business parks will be expected to make a positive contribution to the appearance of the parks and improvements to parking and access arrangements.


Sports & Recreation

We intend to plan the future of recreation and sports facilities in order to provide increased opportunities to get active and participate in existing and new sports facilities.

  • We have identified a preferred site for possible further sport/recreation facilities which will be subject to more consultation.
  • The existing Lorkin Daniell field recreation and sports area and Poors Land will continue to be managed to achieve a balance between informal recreation and formal sports activities.

Community Safety

We aim to maintain West Bergholt as a safe and desirable place to live and work in.

  • Neighbourhood Watch schemes will be supported in conjunction with the Police and other agencies
  • Road safety issues will continue to be monitored and action plans will be produced to deal with problem areas.

New developments will have to be designed so as to minimise the opportunities for crime as well as to conform to 20mph layouts.


We seek to keep the community informed through a wide range of media outlets, promoting dialogue and furthering the opportunity for participation in decision making.

  • A West Bergholt communications forum will be established in order for all ages and skills to be involved, residents will be encouraged to respond and give feedback.
  • The West Bergholt web site will continue to be developed and information via printed means will be maintained.
  • Broadband services will need to be enhanced.



We want to make travel by foot, bicycle, car and bus throughout the parish to be convenient and simple.

  • Traffic management measures will need to be introduced to control parking and to improve the environment for cycling and walking in residential streets and the wider countryside.
  • Development areas must comply with safe traffic provisions.
  • Sustainable travel awareness and opportunities will be furthered in order to achieve a low carbon travel environment.


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