Minutes of Parish Council 28th March 2018

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 28th March 2018 at 7.30 pm

Chair: Chris Stevenson
Parish Councillors Present: Andrew Savage, Brian Butcher, Bob Tyrrell, Phil Spencer, John Gili-Ross, Jenny Church, David Short, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone
Parish Clerk: Laura Walkingshaw
Borough & County Councillors: Borough Cllrs Brian Jarvis, Lewis Barber & Dennis Willetts
Present: 2 members of the public



Receive/accept apologies and welcome to the Public

  RESOLVED – Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Crichton.


Questions from registered electors

  No questions were received from registered electors.


Declarations of Interest

  DECLARED – Cllr Stevenson declared an interest in items relating to Essex County Council, particularly Highway issues. Cllr Tyrrell declared an interest in item 18/43, planning application 180654.



  RESOLVED – the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 28th Feb 2018 were approved and signed by the Chairman, with no amendments. (Link to Minutes P11 Feb 2018)


Report from Colchester Borough & Essex County Councillors

  Borough Cllr Brian Jarvis reported:

  • Gladman’s Bakers Lane Appeal – dismissed. Reasons listed included the destruction of the countryside, the view down Bakers Lane and that there was no pedestrian/footpath linkage to facilities. The Local Plan came into consideration, but in this case the relevant Neighbourhood Plan did not specify sites, it only concurred with the Local Plan. Borough Councillors were pleased with the outcome, but wary for the Gladman’s application in West Bergholt. It was a learning curve.
  • Speed Monitoring in Chapel Road – the Local Highways Panel would like to know where the Parish Council would like the cable located.
    ACTION – CS will let the Clerk know, who will inform the Borough Councillors

Borough Cllr Lewis Barber reported:

  • Firmins Court – the entrance has now been resurfaced.
  • Resurfacing of Colchester Rd & Bergholt Rd – this has been delayed due to the recent snap of very cold weather, the gangs were pulled off to complete more urgent work elsewhere. It has now been re-scheduled as overnight work on the 25th – 28th April. The Borough Councillor will inform us as soon as he hears anything.
  • Broadband Announcement – this has been delayed until after the May elections due to purdah rules.
  • NHS – there will be a big, capital investment in the local area following the merger of the Colchester & Ipswich Hospital Trusts.
  • CCTV by the Doctor’s Playground – CBC are waiting for investment.
  • Lampon Close – Cllr went to speak to the residents and put forward a recommendation for a H bar application.
  • North Station Area – plans for regeneration of the area, as it is one of the first areas which visitors see when one first approaches Colchester. There will also be improved signage to show visitors that they can walk to town.




Statement of accounts for Feb 2018 (Link to P11 Feb Summary)

The final accounts for Feb 2018 were presented as follows:

92% of the way through the financial year. The Parish Council Account showed 101% income, 69% general expenditure, 93% environment expenditure and 75% expenditure overall, when the categories of general expenditure & environment are totalled together.



  RESOLVED – To approve the following payments in accordance with 2017-18 budget. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Stone. All in favour.

March 2018

Parish Council Account
GA170238 J & M Payroll Services Mar – Wages, Tax & NI 4014.23
GA170239 Countrywide Grass Cutting – Mar 155.50
GA170240 J & M Payroll Services Payroll Services – Feb 27.00
GA170241 WBFC Grass Cutting – Mar 40.00
GA170242 Petty Cash Reimbursemt. (LW) Hall Signage, Postage, Trailer Items 84.59
GA170243 WBFC Grant – Twinning Weekend 250.00
GA170244 St Mary’s Church Grant – Family Worker 500.00
GA170245 Alex Hopkins Chairman’s Grant 50.00
GA170246 AJS Training Services 3 x Level 2 H & S OnlineTraining 255.00
GA170247 Wave (Anglian Water) Poor’s Land Water Bill (Dec-Mar) 23.67
DD Wave (Anglian Water) Allotments Water Bill (Dec-Mar) 60.21
GA170248 Essex Stairs & Joinery Ltd Oak Cover for War Memorial 1464.00
GA170249 Ernest Doe Long Reach Hedge Trim 222.00
GA170250 Printerland Toner x 3 – Extra High Capacity 512.28
GA170251 Atlas Signs Village Bulletin Printing 650.00
GA170252 Hallwood Associates Tree Survey 900.00
GA170253 Mervyn Donnelly Allotment Expenses 188.44
GA170254 Victoria Beckwith-Cole Bulletin Thank You/APM Refreshments 67.55
GA170255 Graham Lines Fixing of War Memorial Cover 225.00
GA170256 Ann Skippers Planning Adviser Neighbourhood Plan 3682.08
GA170257 EALC Training- Data Protection JGR 45.00
Bank Tfr PC Account to Hall Account VAT Refund (Hall Proportion) 575.61
Bank Tfr PC Account to Hall Account MUGA Electricity (Nov 17 – Mar 18) 148.89

There will be the additional payments for the Neighbourhood Plan room hire, desktop publishing and planning consultant required by 31/03/18 as covered by the Groundworks Grant, however the invoices have not arrived yet.

RESOLVED – The Council agreed these payments in principle, so long as the figures are not in excess of the £4360 Groundworks Grant.

ACTION – Clerk to add final figures to next month’s Payment’s List.


To approve the appointment of G P Allen as internal auditor for the 2017-18 Parish Council and Trustee accounts.

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed, Cllr Short seconded. All in favour.


To approve new annual maintenance contract with Countrywide for grass cutting of Poor’s Field for £1,585.00 per annum as recommended by the Finance Committee

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed, Cllr Butcher seconded. All in favour.


To approve the replacement Orpen Hall curtains quote for approx. £1,764.00 as recommended by the Finance Committee

Clerk has checked with the manufacturer that these curtains will not require reproofing if they ever get wet, therefore the Finance Committee were happy to proceed with the quote.

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed, Cllr Stevenson seconded. All in favour.


To approve the framing of the Orpen Hall pictures for £533.00

  Cllr Savage quickly established that whilst the Parish Council could have paid for the reframing, it was actually a matter for the Trustees of the Orpen Memorial Hall. Accordingly, the costs will be borne specifically by the Orpen Bequest fund administered by the trustees.

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed moving this matter to the Trustees of the Orpen Memorial Hall, Cllr Stevenson seconded. All in favour.


Council Documents

To approve West Bergholt Parish Council’s Complaint Procedure

  RESOLVED –  to approve the new Complaints Procedure, 9 Councillors in favour, 1 against

ACTION – Clerk to change any mention of “Chair” to “Chairman”

ACTION – Cllr Gili-Ross to send the points of detail to the Clerk for updating.




The minutes from the Planning Committee meeting held on the 21st March 2018 were received and the decisions made on following applications were noted (Link to Planning P12 Mar 2018):

  Cllr Tyrrell redeclared an interest in planning application 180654 at this point.

  • 180473 – High Trees Farm, 2 Lexden Road CO6 3BT – Observation – The Parish Council would defer to Colchester Borough Council’s knowledge of its own policy, on the basis that this is a variation of conditions.
  • 180637 – 115 Chapel Road, West Bergholt CO6 3HA – Observation – The Parish Council is concerned with the ridge height of the extension.
  • 180515 – Plean Cottage, Chapel Lane, West Bergholt CO6 3EF – Support – The Parish Council has no comment.
  • 180654 – 61 Pirie Road, West Bergholt CO6 3TA – Support – The Parish Council has no comment.
  • 180549 – Newbridge Mill Farm, Newbridge Hill CO3 9TB – Observation – The Parish Council’s only concern is regarding the ridge height of the building relative to the views of the River Colne valley. The Council would refer to policy DG24 of the CBC adopted Village Design Statement: “Any new agricultural buildings should be designed and sited to minimise the effect on the landscape”.
  • 180380 – Pond Farm, Bures Road CO6 3DN (Listed) – Have previously commented, nothing more required.

The dismissed appeal decision of the Gladman application for Bakers Lane was also noted.

ACTION – Something will be put on the website as guidance for residents with regards the NEEB Holdings planning applications for Armoury Road & Colchester Road, along with an open invitation to residents to attend the next Planning meeting on the 18th April. The Parish Council’s comments will be decided at that meeting.

The decision on the Gladman Homes planning application for Colchester Road has been extended until May/June, after the elections. There were 20 areas noted around West Bergholt during Colchester’s “call for sites”, so the Council is not surprised that we are now receiving speculative planning applications.

With regards the Neighbourhood Plan, the Planning Consultant has come up with a very good set of resilient Planning Policies which have been passed to the planning officers at CBC for their comments. Also, another consultant (Alison Eardley) has submitted a quote for support with the Consultation.


Environment and Highways


The minutes from the Environment Committee meeting held on 8th March 2018 were received. (Link to Environment P12 Mar 18)

Cllr Gili-Ross wished to note that we will now be entering the second phase of establishing the new storage unit on the week commencing the 9th April. The electrical work on the Parish Council garage should also be completed during the Easter period.


To receive the West Bergholt Parish Council Tree Survey Report (Level 2) dated 19th March 2018 from Hallwood Associates

The Tree Survey Report noted that there were no critical or high priority works. A copy will be provided to the handymen, who will gradually work through it throughout the year.

ACTION – Clerk to send a copy to Mrs. Lewis at Heathlands School


Premises and Recreation


The minutes from the Premises Committee meeting held on 5th March 2018 were received. (Link to Premises P12 Mar 2018)

Regarding those minutes, the chair of Premises, Cllr Butcher, noted to the Council that item 3.5 – Staging/Curtains/Chairs, the verbal quote for redecorating was £350, however it was actually £400 when the written confirmation was received.


Annual Parish Meeting 2018

To receive an update on the plans for the Annual Parish Meeting on Wed 25th April 2018

Much of the agenda is now in place, have not received an acceptance from the Police yet though.

ACTION – Cllr Gili-Ross will send the Clerk details of his police contact.

ACTION – Clerk to check if the latest developments with the old Church are available to put on the website.



  It was noted that the following training/networking was undertaken during the last month by the Clerk or Councillors:

Data Protection Reg Briefing – Tues 6th Mar – Cllr Gili-Ross

The message is not to panic, this is an EU directive aimed at the big companies. The Council has previously been complying with the original Data Protection Act. It will come into law on the 25th May. A Data Protection Officer will be required to inspect Council data, no one connected with the Council can take that role. Need to have an updated policy. Will need to destroy old lists and treat data within GDPR rules from now on.


Items to Note

  Available on table at meeting:

The Clerk – Vol. 49 No. 2 Mar 2018

Good News – St Mary’s Parish Magazine – Apr-May 2018

New Contacts List



Correspondence Log – Feb 2018

  • NALC Review of Local Government Ethical Standards – complete by 27th April 2018
    ACTION – Clerk to send to Cllr Gili-Ross
  • Changes to Mobile Library Service – Will now be coming once every 3 weeks starting from Thursday 5th April stopping between 3.10pm to 3.40pm at Lexden Road (by Scout Hut) only.
  • Scouts – enquiry regarding hedge and grass around Scout Hut.
    Is in hand, just waiting for the drier weather. The grass will be cut when needed, at a variety of times during the year according to the growing season.
    ACTION – Clerk to inform Scout contact.
  • Resident Enquiry into PA 180733 and 180732, NEEB Holdings application for land adjacent to Armoury Road and Colchester Road.
    Planning Meeting will be held on Wed 18th April to discuss these.


Crime Statistics – Jan 2018 (11 Crimes) (Link to Crime Statistics Jan 2018)

Clerk now also receives the fortnightly Crime Statistics from Colchester District Neighbourhood Watch.


In Committee

  Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).
  No matters discussed


Date of Next Meeting

  Wednesday 25th April 2018 at 6.30pm in John Lampon Hall, Lexden Rd, West Bergholt, followed by the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm in the Orpen Hall, Lexden Rd, West Bergholt.
  Meeting closed at 9pm
Signed: Date: Position on Council:


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