Premises & Recreation – 5th March 2018

Premises & Recreation – 5th March 2018

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 5th March when, among other items, they discussed grass cutting, roofing, staging in Orpen hall, CCTV, hire charges, hall user group, communications & website and the Lorkin Daniell Field.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Committee Meeting held on 5th March 2018 in JL Hall

Committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Jenny Church, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell

Also in attendance:

Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator)




Janet Crichton



Minutes of the last meeting on 5th February 2018 were agreed.


Clerks and Administration’s Report

3.1 Poors Land Grass Cutting for 2018  – A renewal quote from Countrywide was received – last year the cost was £1,555.00 plus VAT to £1,585.00 plus VAT – increase of £30.  It was agreed and to be sent to the Finance Committee for approval. Finance Committee
3.2 Roofing – BB will come to the next meeting with a list of Companies that we can select from and  can approach to obtain quotes for Project Managing the re-roofing being done in Summer 2019. BB
3.3 Internal Hall – – The committee is awaiting BT to obtain quote for the picture framing.  Hooks and H&S notices are on the list of the Handyman’s schedule to complete. BT/Handyman
3.4 Handyman Schedule – Various jobs at the Hall have been requested and VBC asked to prioritise the jobs as the Handymen still have outstanding winter jobs to carry out.  It was reiterated that Handymen, Parish Councillors and regular Hirers liaise with the Hall Administrator before entering the Hall outside their booked time.   A weekly notice with what is happening at the Hall will be placed on the Office door by VBC. ALL
3.5 Staging/Curtains/Chairs – Stage repainting – this has been deferred until we have heard the decision from the Orpen Players whether the stage flooring will be stained/painted black etc.  Curtains – a quote was obtained and agreed and will go to the Finance Committee in the sum of £1,764 plus VAT, plus the cost of new tracking to the windows.  Chairs – it was noted that currently in the Orpen Hall we are losing one chair per month due to damage.  It was agreed there will be the need to purchase chairs in the next 12 months and it was agreed to put this on the Hall User Group Agenda to get input from the users.  In the meantime VBC to obtain quotes of various chairs.  The quote to redecorate the areas of damaged paintwork in the Orpen Hall for £350 was accepted.  VBC to instruct. Finance Committee/VBC/Hall User Group
3.6 Servery – It was agreed at the Finance Committee to go ahead with the quote.  VBC to instruct.  BB requested an additional quote for the flooring to be of tile/porcelain nature and adhere to HSE guidance. Depending on the outcome it was agreed to go for Blackbird  colour for the Polysafe Corona flooring. VBC
3.7 CCTV – VBC is meeting with another company on 9th March to obtain another like for like quote. VBC
3.8 Rubbish Bin Area – VBC to chase STC quote; happy with above the ground pricing but to look at saving on the groundwork and look forward to receiving ideas and prices. VBC
3.9 Hire Charges – 2018/2019 hire charges were agreed and will be implemented from 1st April 2018.  


Premises License

  The disapplication for the requirement of a Designated Premises Supervisor in respect to the Premises Licence for the Orpen & John Lampon Halls was noted.  A copy has been laminated and is on the wall in the servery.  


Next month’s noteworthy hirings

  VBC to advise of any unusual or one-off events where it may affect other users eg football club, social club etc. VBC


Hall User Group Meeting Feedback

  VBC is working her way through the various items that was brought up at the User Group Meeting, including a meeting to test out microphones. VBC


Communication Officers Report

  MH wanted to remind people to log on to more.  BB suggested an article in the next Village Bulletin advertising the website and its up to date village news.   VBC wanted to note that a lot more work was involved for the Editor in respect of adverts and the layout of the Bulletin due to lack of communication/information from the PC and new printers.  Phil Spencer will be joining the Bulletin Committee.  


Draft Rules and Regulations for the Lorkin Daniell Field

  This item will be carried forward to the next meeting HS


Items to be discussed at next meeting

  Website and Hall border tidying.  
Meeting closed at 7.20 pm

Date of next meeting – 3rd April 2018 – 6 pm John Lampon Hall

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