Environment & Highways – 8th March 2018

Environment & Highways – 8th March 2018

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 8th March and discussed practice goal, playground equipment, heather, ditches & eco-survey on the Heath, pond care, tree survey, handymen and the snow patrol.

Environment & Highways Report

Committee Meeting held on Thurs 8th March 2018 in Orpen Hall

Committee members present: John Gili-Ross, Harry Stone, Philip Spencer, Murray Harlow, David Short, Janet Crichton, Jenny Church.
Apologies: None



Items From Last Meeting

a) Repair of Duck House roof on hold until weather improves.
b) Practice goal. One quote from Sportsafe so far which is quite expensive and will go to Finance Committee. The goal posts are safe. Harry to talk to BYG about this. Phil to ask TLC re infilling where the back edge of the Astroturf is worn down. HS & PS
c) Playground equipment – plastic matting needs replacing when weather permits. Climbing frame needs repair. The rocker is still on order – Harry to follow this up. Handymen


d) Steps to church need attention when weather permits. Handymen
e) Heather on Heath – propose to put in some protection for the patches of heather. An eco-survey of Heath is needed – Phil will look into this.


f) The ditch at the entrance to Heath needs keeping clear to prevent flooding. The brambles will need cutting back. Handymen
g) The Parish land tree survey will be carried out next Monday. PS
h) Care of ponds for next year. David has been asking for quotes for this work. TLC will give a quote. Tom Todd will be asked for a quote and suggest John Glover (hedge man – Landscape Services) is asked for a quote. David is dealing with all this. DS


Handymen Work Report

a) Electrics will need to be fitted in garage. JGR
b) The trailer to be fitted with anti-submarine bars
c) Concreting is needed outside shed C.
d) The hedge cutter needs attention – it is not working safely.


Snow Patrol

a) Salt bags will need ordering for next year. Harry to check on this. The salt will be stored at the back of the garage in future. HS
b) During the latest snow the salt was distributed round, and many helpers were available and cleared the Orpen Hall car park and many of the footways in the village.

Date of next meeting – Thursday 12th April 2018 5.30pm, Orpen Hall


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