Minutes of Parish Council 22nd March 2017

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 22nd March at 7.30 pm

Chair: Chris Stevenson
Parish Councillors Present: Harry Stone, Andrew Savage, Brian Butcher, Bob Tyrrell, Phil Spencer, Janet Crichton, Jenny Church, John Gili-Ross, Murray Harlow
Parish Clerk: Laura Walkingshaw
Borough Councillors: Cllr Brian Jarvis
Present: 3 members of the public



Receive/accept apologies and welcome to the Public

  Apologies were received from Borough Councillors Lewis Barber and Dennis Willets.


Questions from registered electors

No questions were received from registered electors.


Declarations of Interest

  DECLARED – Cllr Tyrrell declared an interest in the Pre-Application Planning matter in item 17/43a and Cllr Stevenson declared an interest in items relating to Essex County Council, particularly Highway issues.



  RESOLVED – the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 22nd February 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman, with no amendments. (Link to Minutes P11 February 2017)


Report from Colchester Borough Councillors

  Borough Councillor Brian Jarvis reported:

  • New waste strategy begins in June – it may be a case of seeing how it goes and adjusting later on a case by case basis.
  • Bus lane in Lexden Road – is to be cut to a much smaller scale. Parking will be restricted outside the Lexden Crown between 7am & 7pm to keep the area clear and the bus stop will be moved further down the road.
  • Parking outside the Colchester Golf Club on Lexden Road – Cllr Gili-Ross expressed his concern that the safety elements of the new plan had been sacrificed in favour of concentrating on parking. He regarded it is an accident waiting to happen with the sight lines of over 500 members visiting the golf club restricted. Cllr Stevenson informed Cllr Jarvis that West Bergholt Parish Council had already written to Cllr Mike Lilley expressing its concern. Cllr Jarvis will discuss the matter with the other two Borough Councillors.


Presentation of £500 donation from West Bergholt Parish Council to the Friends of St Mary’s Old Church

  Cllr Stevenson presented the Parish Council’s donation of £500 to Jane Lloyd, Teresa Morris and Carrie Creswell, representatives of the Friends of St Mary’s Old Church.

Jane Lloyd thanked both the Parish and the Borough Councils for their generous donations. The Friends needed to raise £10,000, which was initially overwhelming, but have been delighted by the support that they have received from residents. The fundraising team will attend the Annual Parish Meeting next month to say more about the current total, which is around £8,605 plus the £500 from the parish council.

Cllr Gili-Ross suggested that the Friends apply for the Essex County Council Emergency CIF grant. Cllr Stevenson suggested that the Friends highlight the fact that the building is of historic value, rather than a church as it may make a difference to attaining funding.


Parish Councillor Vacancy

Cllr Stevenson updated the Council on the election process following the resignation of Councillor Phil Cook.

A notice sent from Colchester Borough Council was been put up in the parish notice boards on the 20th March until the 7th April. If no election is called, then the process of advertising for a new Councillor and co-option can begin.




Statement of accounts for Feb 2017 (Link to P11 Feb 17 Summary)

The final accounts for Feb 2017 were presented as follows:

92% of the way through the financial year.

The General Account showed 97% income, 112% general expenditure, 82% environment expenditure and 103% expenditure overall, when the categories of general expenditure & environment are totaled together.

The Hall Account showed 102% income and 68% expenditure.

Next month will show the payment of the Public Works Loan from the Hall account to the General account. Once at the end of the financial year the council will be earmarking money for projects.



  RESOLVED – To approve the following cheques for payment and signature in accordance with 2016/17 budget. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Stevenson. All in favour.
March 2017
General Account
DD CBC Garage Rent 50.08
Chq 104275 J & M Payroll Services Wages, Tax & NI 2711.58
Chq 104276 Friends of St Marys Old Church Donation to roof restoration 500.00
Tfr Tfr to Hall Account MUGA Electricity (Oct 16 – Feb 17) 174.17
Tfr Tfr to Hall Account VAT Return Oct-Feb 1106.87
Tfr Tfr to Hall Account MUGA Electricity (Mar 17) 24.94
GA170026 Laura Walkingshaw Petty Cash Replenishment 11.60
GA170027 WBFC Grass Cutting 40.00
GA170028 J & M Payroll Services Payroll Services – Feb 27.00
GA170029 Countrywide Grass Cutting 151.00
GA170030 Mail Boxes Etc Bulletin Printing 1159.00
GA170031 Jacqui Kibby Bulletin Editor Remuneration 180.00
GA170032 Dickies Store Waders x 2 90.00
GA170033 Chris Stevenson Travel Expenses 2016 75.50
GA170034 Harry Stone Travel Expenses 24/02/17 27.00
GA170035 Laura Walkingshaw Expenses – Website, Land Registry 14.99
GA170036 Printerland New Printer & Bk Toner 281.96
GA170037 Laura Walkingshaw Expenses – Roller for Old Printer 67.72
GA170038 Arco 11 x Litter Picking Hoops 105.47
GA170039 Spaldings Ltd Litter Picking Stands & Signs 118.88
GA170040 Sleeperbenches 2 Benches 228.00
GA170041 Thompson, Smith & Puxon Professional Advice Nov-Mar 889.80
GA170042 John Gili-Ross Travel Expenses 35.45
Orpen Hall Account
DD Col Skip Hire Refuse Collection – Feb 127.82
DD Eon Electricity 492.01
DD CNG Gas – Feb 457.21
DD Utility Warehouse Mobile, Broadband, MUGA Electricity 68.06
Tfr Tfr to Gen Account Wages 326.91
Tfr Tfr to Gen Account Public Works Loan 2016/17 5368.26
HA170014 Victoria Beckwith-Cole Expenses – Cleaning Materials 7.00
HA170015 Laura Walkingshaw Expenses – Wine Glasses x 16 3.80
HA170016 Kent Blaxill Materials for Floor & Glass Roof 53.69
HA170017 Zoe O’Connor Cleaning 936.00
HA170018 Elanar Technical Services Thermostat for Social Club Heating 258.38
HA170019 Elanar Technical Services Underpaid on order HA170005 1.00
HA170020 CBC Annual Non-Domestic Rates 186.81


To approve the recommendation from the Finance Committee to appoint GP Allen, Accountants, as internal auditor for West Bergholt Parish Council in 2017.

  RESOLVED – To appoint GP Allen Accountants, as internal auditors for West Bergholt Parish Council in 2017. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Harlow. All in favour.


To propose to donate £150 to the West Bergholt Indoor Bowls Club

The Parish Council received a letter from the WB Carpet Bowls Club, which has been treated as a request for a donation. They are currently struggling for members having used the Hall twice weekly for the past 29 years.

RESOLVED – To donate £150 to the West Bergholt Bowls Club. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Harlow. All in favour.


Progress Report from Clerk

  Clerk presented her report and an update of the outstanding actions were:

  • Chitts Hill sign to turn off engines – resident to progress (LW to check with him)
  • Chitts Hill flooding – Clerk to ask Anne Brown for summary of the meeting attended by Cllr Butcher.
  • Trygve app on website – Cllr Stone to liaise with Dave Kingaby, webmaster.



  To receive an update on items for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held on 26th April 2017
  The draft agenda was discussed by the Parish Council. The following speakers from outside the village have confirmed their attendance:

  • Jane Gardner, Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner
  • Colchester Borough Council Waste Strategy Team – recycling changes
  • Community First Responders

It was agreed that the Deputy PCC would be on first after the Welcome from the Chairman. She will talk for approximately 15 minutes on the Community Specials and the Blue Light Amalgamation Consultation and then open the floor to questions.

The Friends of St Mary’s Old Church will be there to receive their presentation cheque from the Parish Council and update the village on their fund raising so far. The Traffic Safety Group will also provide a progress update.

A member of the Parish Council will briefly inform residents on “Broadband in our village” based on the WB Broadband Group’s latest brief.

The Village Bulletin editorial team will call for new members and discuss changes to the Bulletin.

ACTION – Clerk to contact Susan Swan regarding attendance & display equipment required.

Cllr Stone to discuss Bergholt Youth Group during the Issues from the Floor section.

ACTION – Clerk to send Chairs of Committees last year’s annual reports.




The minutes from the Planning Committee meeting held on the 15th Mar 2017 were received and the decisions made on following applications were noted (Link to Planning P12 Mar 17):

  • 170431 – Wickhams, Bures Road, CO6 3DW – Observation – The Parish Council are concerned that the removal of the timber and substitution with render has left the building a little bland and that all the aesthetic properties of the previous application have now been lost.
  • 1770469 – Land North of Poplar Cottage, Spring Lane CO6 3HJ – Observation – The Parish Council has no comment


To approve the recommendation of the Planning Committee on late planning application:

  • 170693 – 115 Chapel Road CO6 3HA – Observation – The Parish Council is concerned with the ridge height of the extension.

RESOLVED – to approve the recommendation on Planning Application 170693. Cllr Tyrrell proposed, Cllr Butcher seconded. All in favour.


Neighbourhood Plan

Cllr Butcher gave a verbal update on progress with the Plan and Timetable:

  • Wording of all the policies is close to being finalized
  • All the landowner meetings have taken place
  • In the process of appointing a Planning Consultant & a Landscape Architect.

Things are moving slowly towards the Consultation on Sunday 21st May & Saturday 27th May.

Hope to present to the Parish Council for support in June and then submit to Colchester Borough Council.


Environment and Highways


The minutes from the Environment Committee meeting held on 9th March 2017 were received. (Link to Environment Mar 2017)

Thanks were offered to Cllr Gili-Ross and the Handymen for their hard work clearing out the ditch by Albany Close. It has taken 2 and a half full days of work so far, a pump may be required to finish the job.

ACTION – Clerk to add “before” photo of huge puddle in Albany Close to the record.


A verbal update from the representative of the Traffic Safety Group regarding the workshop event held on 25th Feb 2017 was received:

  • The workshop looked at problems, objectives and solutions.
  • There was a lot of common ground on parking and speeding
  • In common locations, such as the Co Op & school, although there were also problems noted opposite bus stops.

All in all, a success, with more people joining the working group, including a school governor. There are 50 people now on the Trygve app and 95% of the village is behind it thankful of the work being done.

One of the most effective things has been phoning businesses regarding the poor parking of their drivers. Other Parish Councils are now asking for guidance from West Bergholt.

ACTION – copy of the CBC vehicle caught parking on the yellow lines to be forwarded to Borough Cllr Jarvis.


Premises and Recreation

  The minutes from the Premises Committee meeting held on 6th March 2017 were received. (Link to Premises Mar 17)

Cllr Butcher added an amendment to item 5.1 of the March Premises Minutes, as he was not present at the meeting:

“BB gave the draft license to Mick Bell on 17/02/17. The responsibility now rests with West Bergholt Football Club.”



  It was noted that the following training was undertaken during the last month by the Clerk or Councillors:
  • Local Council Quality Award Briefing – 24th Feb – Cllrs Stevenson, Stone & Savage & L Walkingshaw in attendance

ACTION – Clerk to remind Cllr Gili-Ross to send over the work he had previously completely for the Quality Award.

  • CBC Parish Clerk Information Session – 17th Mar – L Walkingshaw


Items to Note (available on table at meeting)

  a)    Correspondence Log – Mar 2017
  b)    Crime Statistics – Jan 2017


In Committee

  Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).
  No items were discussed.


Date of Next Meeting

  Next meeting will be held on Wednesday 26th April 2017 at 6.30pm in the Orpen Memorial Hall, Lexden Road, to be followed the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30pm
  Meeting closed at 9pm
Signed: Date: Position on Council:


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