Minutes of Parish Council 22nd November 2017

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 22nd November 2017 at 7.30 pm

Chair: Chris Stevenson
Parish Councillors Present: Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton, David Short, Harry Stone, Andrew Savage, Brian Butcher, Bob Tyrrell, Phil Spencer.
Parish Clerk: Laura Walkingshaw
Borough & County Councillors: Cllr Lewis Barber, Cllr Brian Jarvis
Present: 1 member of the public



Receive/accept apologies and welcome to the Public

  RESOLVED – Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Gili-Ross and Borough Cllr Willetts.


Questions from registered electors

  There were no questions received from registered electors.


Declarations of Interest

  DECLARED – Cllr Stevenson declared an interest in items relating to Essex County Council, particularly Highway issues.





RESOLVED – the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 25th October 2017 were approved and signed by the Chairman, with no amendments. (Link to Minutes P7 Oct 2017)


Report from Colchester Borough & Essex County Councillors

  Borough Councillor Jarvis reported:

  • Bakers Lane, Braiswick – have finally received word that Bakers Lane will be resurfaced from Monday 27th November for 4 days up to Ramparts Farm. The Borough Councillors cannot understand why the last 150 yards are being left untreated. They have been informed that there is a SWAS (Surface Water Alleviation Scheme) due on that section in 2023 as these schemes are only carried out where there is a risk of flooding to housing. With the plant, machinery and materials all onsite it seems nonsensical to stop at the top end before the residential area where the surface is so bad.

ACTION – Clerk to draft an email to County Councillor Anne Brown to raise the Council’s concerns and ask her to find out if there is a better reason for this not to be done than a SWAS.

Borough Councillor Barber reported:

  • Gladman Proposal – The Councillor held a meeting for concerned residents at the Orpen Hall on Saturday 18th. 15-17 people were in attendance which was a good turnout following the numbers at the Planning Committee and previous Parish Council meetings. Nothing else has been heard from Gladman at present.
  • Digital Strategy – There is money at CBC for digital investment (broadband, improved mobile signal etc.) The ambition was to concentrate on the urban area, however with very little take up they have now decided to extent this to the more rural parts which is hopefully a good step.
  • Money – The Parishes should start seeing some devolution of funds soon. In the upcoming budgets money should start to come down from County to District then on to Parish Councils. It could be a very positive and a good opportunity for Parishes to get more control of the things that matter in their area. The Councillor will speak more about it once the County budgets are out.
  • Speed Survey – The Borough Councillors were going to use some of the locality budget for speeding cables across Colchester/Bergholt Road, however the stats were already available from a speed survey previously completed by ECC just over the blue bridge in Braiswick. The figures are shocking, 85% of people travelling between 37-42 mph in a 30mph zone. The numbers show that the residents along that road were right and the data backs this up. In the new year can now move forward with factual data probably towards asking for funding from the Local Highways Panel for a VAS (Vehicle Activated Sign) or a mini roundabout.
  • Rural Policing – Unfortunately the Councillor couldn’t get to the Rural Policing meeting last Thursday and although there has been a spate of crimes lately the thing to remember is that West Bergholt has very low levels for crime compared to the urban areas of Colchester. On Monday 27th The new “Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner” will be giving a talk at Colchester Town Hall.



a) Statement of accounts for Oct 2017 (Link to P7 Oct 17 Summary)

The final accounts for Sept 2017 were presented as follows:

58% of the way through the financial year. The Parish Council Account showed 100% income, 42% general expenditure, 51% environment expenditure and 45% expenditure overall, when the categories of general expenditure & environment are totalled together.

b) Payments
  RESOLVED – To approve the following payments in accordance with 2017-18 budget. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Harlow. All in favour.

November 2017

General Account
DD CBC Garage Rent 50.58
DD Public Works Loan Board Public Works Loan 2684.13
GA170164 J & M Payroll Services Nov – Wages, Tax & NI 3888.68
GA170165 WBFC Grass Cutting – Nov 40.00
GA170166 J & M Payroll Services Payroll Services – Oct 27.00
GA170167 Countrywide Grass Cutting – Nov 155.50
GA170168 Petty Cash Reimbursemt (LW) 1 x Safety Boots 39.99
GA170169 Arco 2 x Waterproof Trousers 66.58
GA170170 KingServ Website Support Services – Nov-Jan 264.00
GA170171 Landscape Services Annual Hedge Cutting & Flailing 600.00
GA170172 Cox Landscapes Roof Rack Straps 22.68
GA170173 Phil Spencer 2 x Padlocks for Poor’s Land 21.94
GA170174 Brian Butcher Travel Expenses – RCCE Conference 35.10
GA170175 Harry Stone Travel Expenses – Highways Briefing 24.39
GA170176 Laura Walkingshaw Stationery, Postage & Norton Security 100.33
GA170177 Jacqui Kibby Village Bulletin Remuneration 180.00
GA170178 Travis Perkins Resin Cartridge & Nozzle – Stor. Unit 13.49
GA170179 Bakers of Danbury Repair & Repainting of Village Sign 1710.00
GA170180 EKB Contracts – SJ Andrews Electrical Installation in Storage Unit 919.33
GA170181 Printerland Drum Unit 88.80
GA170182 Brian Butcher Travel Expenses – EALC & RCCE 47.50
GA170183 Norhurst Landscapes Hall Road Pond 300.00
GA170184 Tanks Direct 2 x 400L Water Trough 336.00
GA170185 SLCC CilCA Registration 250.00
Orpen Hall Account
DD Col Skip Hire Refuse Collection – Oct 160.73
DD Eon Electricity – Oct 194.00
DD CNG Gas – Oct 240.17
DD Utility Warehouse Mobile, Broadbd, MUGA Electricity 69.82
HA170056 Zoe O Connor Hall Cleaning 1107.00
HA170057 A to Z Supplies A4 Paper & Cleaning Materials 123.48
HA170058 Thompson, Smith & Puxon Professional Charges 2652.00
HA170059 The Fire Extinguisher Man Extinguisher Service & New Water Ext. 235.74
HA170060 Prestige Hygiene Services Annual Bill – 6 Sanitary Disposal Units 414.00
HA170061 EKB Contracts – SJ Andrews Repair of lights in & outside Hall 127.22
HA170062 A to Z Supplies Table Trolley 287.99
HA170063 A to Z Supplies Paper Towels, Batteries 29.96
HA170064 Victoria Beckwith-Cole CCTV Signage 4.88
HA170065 Scotech Replacement Hall Projector 1528.80
Tfr Hall to Gen Account Wages 506.65
  ACTION – Clerk to take a photo of the newly repaired Village Sign and to add it to the list of items on the Annual Inspection so that its condition can be regularly recorded.
c) The Parish Council’s accounts & investments on 14th November 2017 are as follows:

Account Name Account Type Date Balance Interest Rate Notes
West Bergholt Parish Council Current Account 30/10/17 £ 55,216.39 0% Cheque Account
WBPC No. 3 Account Premium Account 30/10/17 £ 31,936.80 0% Deposit Account
WBPC Earmarked Funds Premium Account 30/10/17 £12.66 0%  
WBPC Premium Account 30/10/17 £107.31 0% Village Sign Acct

Barclays Bank now pay the Council 0% in interest. The deposit account is used for the reserves and the current account for all other payments and receipts.

d) The new draft Three-Year Plan
  The figures used will enable the council to determine next year’s precept requirement. Once the roof has been surveyed it is expected that the £20,000 for re-roofing can be moved from Year 1 down to Year 2 as indicated below:

Year 1: 2018-19

Prem Re-roofing (Phase 2) – can move down after roof survey results 1 £20,000
Prem Upstairs meeting room/Hall storage £1,000
PC Special Constable – first year set up costs (mtg 28/11) 2 £2,000
Prem CCTV (fixed to Hall, but monitoring village vandalism hotspot) £5,000
Env Queen’s Head Pond £4,000
PC WWI Commemoration          –   disposable beacon

–       cover for Truman memorial

–       new village memorial





PC Neighbourhood Plan Projects 3 £8,000
  TOTAL (on assumption no re-roofing) £ 22,000

1 ACTION – Roof Survey: Clerk to send drafted letter to survey company to ask them to proceed, the intention is for the inspection to take place during December so that the findings are ready for discussion at the January Parish Council meeting.

2 The costs for the Special Constable should be made clear at a meeting with Essex Police scheduled for 28th Nov 2017.

3 Due to the delay in the Neighbourhood Plan submission, the money set aside for Neighbourhood Plan Projects in 2017-18 will be moved into the reserves next year to be combined with the proposed £8,000 for 2018-19. The Neighbourhood Plan surveys have picked up requests from residents which need to be actioned as projects with the money set aside for this purpose.

Year 2: 2019-20

PC Resurfacing the MUGA 4 £7,500

4 The MUGA has been building up its asset replacement earmarked reserve over the years and combined with the initial donation of £5,000 from the Millennium Sports Club has £8707.80 in the reserves towards the necessary resurfacing. Again, this may touch on the village’s requirements as highlighted in the Neighbourhood Plan Surveys.

Year 3: 2020-21

Env Play Equipment for older children: working party 3yr period 5 ?

5 Working Party to be made up of the various users of the equipment; Parents, Bluebells, Heathlands School, BYG etc. Unsure how much it will cost at the moment until the working party start investigating what is required.

e) Prospective 2018/19 Budgets
  As has been the case in previous years grants available for PCs have been dwindling and even where they exist more match-funding has been required for projects. This feature has necessitated the increases in the Parish Precept in recent years; however sufficient funding has been built up in the reserves to enable match funding to be offered for projects on the priority list and because of this Cllr Savage suggested that the council restricts itself to an inflation rate rise this year of just 2-3%.

Once the budgets had been worked out for the annual ongoing costs for both the necessary administrative and environment costs a figure of £22,000 was left for projects, hence the total in the Three-Year Plan. All Councillors will look over these figures ready for the January meeting when the precept decision will be made.

Cllr Barber informed the council that Colchester have been informed that there will be an 11% cut to the CBC Revenue & LCTS Grants (which currently amount to £2,380), which will be passed down to the Parish Councils.

The Chairman noted that the council has had a few years of large expenses, e.g. the hall roof, car park & toilets, however the council has a lot of assets and a responsibility to look after them.

f) RESOLVED – it was proposed by Cllr Savage to approve purchase of a replacement Spring Rocker for the Lorkin Daniell Playground, costing up to £850, by the Environment Committee, seconded by Cllr Butcher. All in favour. The Handymen will install.



a) The minutes from the Planning Committee meeting held on the 15th November 2017 were received and the decisions made on following applications were noted (Link to Planning P8 Nov 17)
  • 172655 – Lortay Cottage, 2 Armoury Farm Cottages – Support – The Parish Council has no comment
  • 172653 – 21 Armoury Road – Support – The Parish Council has no comment
  • 172928 – 4 Heathside – Support – The Parish Council supports the extension in principle, but would refer to the Borough Council’s knowledge regarding the size of the dormer window and whether obscured glass is required in the landing.

ACTION – Clerk to contact CBC Planning regarding a Planning Application due at next month’s meeting to request details of the building’s ridge height.

b) To agree the response to the consultation by Gladman Homes regarding a site off Colchester Road in West Bergholt
  It is thought that Gladmans are likely to make a Planning Application this side of Christmas. It usually takes 12 weeks for CBC to process a major application of this type so the decision, probably refusal, is likely to come in March. They will be expected to appeal, which would mean that the hearing would be in Sept/Oct 2018.

Colchester’s current Local Plan runs until 2021, but hopefully the replacement one will be adopted by the time of any appeal.

The main items in the response should be that it is totally against the existing Local Plan as all the housing has already been allocated in the current village envelope.

Having met with Gladmans, Cllr Tyrrell reported that their main arguments are that the development will not be seen, as hidden by trees and that Colchester does not have a 5-year housing allocation.

Borough Cllr noted that it would be interesting to see what they put in their appeal to the Bakers Lane application.

RESOLVED – It was agreed that the Parish Council are happy to make a response to the Gladman Proposal and will be putting together an objection in principle. The detail of which will be delegated to Cllr Tyrrell and the Clerk, although all were in agreement of the general tone of the letter.

ACTION – Comments back to the Clerk & Cllr Tyrrell by the end of the week.


Environment and Highways

  The minutes from the Environment Committee meeting held on 9th November 2017 were received. (Link to Environment P8 Nov 2017).

Cllr Spencer is the acting Chair. Cllrs Stone & Short are liaising with the Handymen. There will be an extra Environment meeting on the 7th Dec to prioritize the winter jobs. The Handymen have now moved equipment into the Hall garage, they have noted that there is room in the roof, which could be boarded to allow for more storage of smaller items.

With regards the Practice Goal in the Lorkin Daniell Field, as noted in the Environment minutes, it was becoming unsafe and due for removal. However, having removed the damaged nets and the net supports, the Handymen could not get the frame out of the ground. It is now safe, but still in situ.

ACTION – Environment Committee to decide what to do at their additional meeting.


Traffic Safety Group

Cllr Stone provided a verbal update on the work of the Traffic Safety Group. A meeting will soon be arranged with the Headmaster/Deputy Head with the Traffic Safety Group to look over the Heathlands travel plan.


Premises and Recreation

  The minutes from the Premises Committee meeting held on 6th November 2017 were received. (Link to Premises P8 Nov 17).


Community Special Constables

  Cllr Butcher updated the Council on the recruitment of a Community Special Constable for West Bergholt.

The Police, Fire & Crime Commissioner will be giving a talk at the Town Hall on Monday 27th Nov.

ACTION – Cllr Short or Cllr Crichton to attend.

A meeting is scheduled with Les Hawkins, Specials Supported Policing Coordinator, on Tuesday 28th Nov to discuss the budget required for a Community Special.

Following the recent rise in the number of crimes in the village the Crime Statistics need to be displayed on the website for information and a new volunteer Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator sought.


WW1 Commemoration 2018

To discuss the Parish Council’s involvement in the WW1 Commemoration plans.

The Clerk had today been informed by Colchester Borough Council that listed building consent is not required for the weatherproof cover required for the Brewery War Memorial, so the Council can go ahead with its construction.

ACTION – Clerk to instruct contractors to begin work and to inform the managing agents involved, First Port and Boydens that this is commencing.

St Mary’s and The Friends of the Old Church have both confirmed that they will be ringing their bells as commemorations take place on the 11th Nov 2018.

Cllr Savage is waiting to hear back from several companies regarding the details of a memorial obelisk. Once have found out the affordability, can then discuss sites.



  It was noted that the following training/networking was undertaken during the last month by the Clerk or Councillors:
  • SLCC/EALC Networking Day – Clerk
  • Highways Briefing – Cllrs Stone, Short & Gili-Ross
  • Data Protection – Cllr Butcher

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) will come into operation around May. NALC will provide legal advice of how this applied to Parish Councils. The Council is the Data Controller, the Clerk the Data Processor, but an external Data Protection Officer will be required to check that the law is followed. This affects any data where a person’s identity can be recognised. The Council will need to look at its Data Retention policy and consider what the retention policy should be for Councillors.

ACTION – Clerk to review Data Retention Policy

  • RCCE Neigh. Planning Network Events – Cllrs Stevenson & Butcher
  • Councillor Training Days 1 & 2 – Cllr Crichton

ACTION – Clerk to re-circulate dates of the RCCE Garden Communities events


Items to Note (available on table at meeting)

a) Crime Statistics – Sept 2017 (14 Crimes)

  • Crime in West Bergholt

ACTION – Clerk to forward figures to website each month.

b) Correspondence Log – Nov 2017

  • Phone Boxes in West Bergholt
    Have been informed by BT that all three phone boxes in the village are due for imminent removal.
  • External Auditor
    Have been informed by the Smaller Authorities Audit Appointments that the external auditor appointed to Essex Parish Councils next year will be PKF Littlejohn LLP.
  • Redwood Stonebaked Pizza Van
    The Pizza Van will no longer be coming to the Orpen Hall on a Wednesday as its sales were far less than predicted.


In Committee

  Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).
  No matters discussed


Date of Next Meeting

  Parish Council Meeting, Wed 24th January at 7.30pm in John Lampon Hall, Lexden Rd, West Bergholt
  Meeting closed at 9.10pm
Signed: Date: Position on Council:


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