Local group caring for you…

The West Bergholt Care Network is thriving and now that more volunteers have been recruited it is confident it can respond to most requests for help with transport.   The group is there to help any residents of the village, whatever their age, to get to appointments if transport is needed and other means are not possible or available.  Most journeys are to the Doctors’ Surgeries or the Hospitals but other local appointments can be considered.  

Telephone a day in advance using the numbers given below for the day on which you make the call.   If there is no reply please try any other number but do not leave answer phone messages as we are unable to respond to these.

  • Monday 241103
  • Tuesday 242185
  • Wednesday 242319
  • Thursday 247074
  • Saturday/Sunday 242075

The Care Newtwork is holding its Annual General Meeting in the Methodist Hall in Chapel Lane on Tuesday 21st April at 7.30pm.  Any residents are welcome to attend, especially if they are prepared to become volunteers.

Harry Stone (Chairman)

This material has been developed for the West Bergholt Village Website at http://www.westbergholt.net
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