Land’s End to John O’Groats – The Sequel

Chris Stevenson will be attempting to cycle the 1000 miles or thereabouts, from Land’s End to John O’Groats between 27th April and 13th May. As well as being a personal challenge, he will be raising some sponsorship for St Helena Hospice in Colchester. He will be cycling with Erwin Deppe, a colleague from Essex Highways.

Many of you will recall that Chris attempted this challenge last year and encountered a dog after 3 days, breaking his collarbone in the process and ending the tour prematurely. He assures us that he will be on the lookout for mans’ best friend especially in sleepy country lanes in Devon!

If you would like to sponsor Chris it would be much appreciated and will raise much needed funds for the Hospice. If so there are two ways of doing this, either by:

As a suggestion if you were to sponsor Chris for 1p per mile that would equate to about £10, or just nominate the amount you would like to donate.  You can do this anytime in the next 14 days or so and he will contact you after he has (hopefully) completed the ride to ask for your donation.

If the technology works (and it did last year), Chris will be posting details and photos of their progress to Facebook and Twitter.  If you have a facebook account you should be able to follow progress by clicking on the link: If you don’t have a facebook account, click on and you should be able to view their tweets and photos!

Chris’s final message is:

“Thanks for any support, and let’s hope the weather is kind to us, there are no mad dogs, and the wind keeps off when climbing the hills especially in the West Country and in Scotland!”

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