Crime & burglary report

Essex Police - Protecting & Serving EssexWest Bergholt has managed to escape early January without mention in the Neighbourhood Crime Report issued by Essex Police.  They do however caution the public to be vigilant and have offered the following advice:

Did you know?

  • 35% of all burglaries are crimes of opportunity, where the burglar lets themselves in through unlocked doors or windows.
  • You are ten times more likely to be burgled if you don’t have basic security – even something as simple as putting strong locks on your doors and windows will keep your house much safer.
  • Burglary has fallen by nearly 60% since 1995, but criminals are opportunists who will take advantage of any chance to steal from you, so you should remain aware.
  • Burglars generally prefer empty properties, often looking for visual clues such as an empty drive and dark homes so any lights, televisions and radios left on are usually off-putting for burglars.
  • A common tactic employed by homeowners to make the house look occupied, leaving the curtains closed, actually encourages burglars who believe it indicates the occupants are on holiday.  If the property is going to be vacant for an extended period, ask a trusted neighbour to open and close curtains, collect milk from the door step, turn lights on and off, and remove unopened post that is visible etc. so that the property continues to look occupied.
  • Burglars are attracted by the sight of valuables, including car keys. They spot these by simply looking through windows and doors. Householders need to be careful about the type of goods that are on display.
  • Generally, burglars like to access property from the rear as it offers a safe environment. Having adequate fences and locked gates can make this a less inviting opportunity.

If you make your property more secure, it’s a lot harder for criminals to break in and it’s easier for police to catch them. For more crime prevention advice, go to

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