Broadband update

Waiting for response on laptop1st Class Broadband!

Thanks to the Parish Council and the Parish Plan group working together to achieve a common objective, West Bergholt now has access to high speed broadband services through its community broadband partner County Broadband Ltd.

In 2010 the village chose County Broadband to supply broadband services into the village totally independently of the BT services taking the speeds from an average of 500kbps to up to 8Mbps as required by the user. The charges for village residents and businesses are comparable to those charged by other broadband suppliers. By not being dependent on BT for the link between the broadband exchange and the home or business, the speeds provided are much faster and in line with modern user demand.

Speeds in excess of 20Mbs are now available to those needing higher performance and these will climb still further to meet the demands of our village in the years ahead.

If you require more information on broadband or would like to take advantage of the community provided service then contact County Broadband directly on either 0845 686 5000 or through their website at

Remember that as this is a community broadband service that the village receives a small return on the original investment for every village user connected to the service. The money can then be used by the Parish Council to improve other needed services in the village.

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