Women’s Institute – November 2010 Report

Women’s Institute – November 2010 Report

The president, Pat Moran, welcomed members to the Annual Meeting. Vouchers were given to Joyce Hollock and Mary Fulford who were joint winners of the monthly competition for 2010. A letter was received from the federation secretary, Val Stone, for our cheque of £19.32 collected from ‘pennies for friendship’ for ACWW.

Pat Beeching chaired the Annual Meeting with president Pat Moran re-elected, Pat McSweeny remaining as treasurer, Marie Fitz-John minute secretary and Jacqui Hunns joining the committee as secretary. Retiring secretary, Rachael Colley, was presented with a plant and good wishes given to her for her forthcoming marriage.

Two plays then followed ‘Crickets’ written by Rene Keates and ‘Old Friends’ written by Joyce Lucking both members of our WI.

Next month is the Christmas party which will begin earlier at 7pm, members are reminded to please bring cutlery and a glass.

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