Simon of Sudbury – the French Connection

Simon of Sudbury
Simon of Sudbury gets a face

Simon of Sudbury will be the subject of a talk by Roger Green to the West Bergholt History Group   on Wednesday 11th September 2013.  Being held at the Orpen Memorial Hall, West Bergholt the meeting starts at 8pm; the cost to members is £1 with non-members £3, and includes refreshments.

Simon of Sudbury makes a fascinating subject to learn about. Well travelled and educated, a confidant of royalty & pope alike, and yet beheaded by commoners, why, how?

Simon Sudbury, also called Simon Theobald of Sudbury and Simon of Sudbury was Bishop of London from 1361 to 1375, Archbishop of Canterbury from 1375 until his death, and in the last year of his life Lord Chancellor of England. Wikipedia

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