Taking Shape 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Taking Shape – Results from 2015 Consultation

Major consultation on issues and options

In March & April 2015 the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group held an “issues and options” consultation which aims to present the issues and priorities for our community. This was an important stage as the next stage of the plan is to write a draft document and to submit this to the authorities for formal examination.

The consultation consisted of:

  • a public meeting,
  • exhibitions held on two Saturdays,
  • an invitation to village societies to have a personal briefing,
  • a paper and on line questionnaire,
  • an article in the Village Bulletin,
  • website pages on www.westbergholt.net.

Consultation Material

The Steering Group provided:

  1. Exhibition boards.
  1. A short leaflet to accompany the exhibition.
  1. A paper based questionnaire.

The Results

In summary:

  • Approximately 100 people attended the public meeting,
  • over 200 attended the exhibitions,
  • over 220 people completed a questionnaire.

A report of the results of the survey is available to view (Survey Monkey Issues and Options Summary), and a super summary appears below (you will need to have the questionnaire open or printed off, to cross reference the questions to the results in the super summary):

  • On support for a NP? Over 97% of respondents thought it was important to have a NP.
  • On the main benefits seen as having a NP?  Over 90% of respondents thought it was either very important or important for residents to have a direct say regarding planning or development in their area.
  • Support for vision?  81% agreed with the draft vision statement being proposed.
  • Which Development Option was supported?  Option 1 was overwhelmingly preferred by 78% with option 2 supported by around 20% and only 2% supporting option 3.
Area of NP % support for objective % support for correct issues identified % support for draft proposals
Social & Community 84 83 81
Environment 84 90 86
Planning & Housing 82 88 77 (option 1 favoured)
Transport 82 78 65
Business & Commerce 63 63 52
Village and Parish Facilities 88 79 60
Sport & Recreation 73 58 54
Community Safety 95 91 75
Communications 89 83 79
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