Parish Council Nominations

Nominations receivedParish Council Nominations

The Electoral Services Officer for Colchester Borough Council has received 12 nominations for the 11 seats available on the West Bergholt Parish Council.  In accordance with the announcement on 30th March, an election will take place on Thursday 7th May 2015.  Those nominated are:

  • BUTCHER, Brian Tony.
  • CHURCH, Jennifer Ann.
  • GILI-ROSS, John.
  • HARLOW, Murray James.
  • HEWITT, Lee Andrew.
  • HOWARD, Rachel Mary Patricia.
  • JAMES, Rosemary Irene.
  • SAVAGE, Andrew Philip.
  • STEVENSON, Christopher Daniel.
  • STONE, Harry.
  • TYRRELL, Bob.
  • WALBY, Philip John.

Each of the above has been invited to submit a short statement in support of their candidature, together with a picture, for publication next week.

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