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Making a difference in our community

Founded in 1987, The Care Network is a voluntary organisation offering help locally because existing agencies do not.  If you need a helping hand with transport to a medical appointment or any other local visit, The Care Network may be able to help.  In a typical year up to 20 drivers will help villagers attend over 250 appointments.

Since 2014, The Care Network has a single contact number in order to make it easier for users to contact the service.  ‘On-duty’ contacts receive calls on their respective days and then arrange the required transport.  The service selects the contact to call and if they are unavailable, it will try others ensuring calls get through.

If you live in West Bergholt and need help with transport for a medical or an important appointment please contact The Care Network on:

        0300 777 3100

Your service provider will charge for calls at local landline rates (which are often included in your call package).


  • Chair – Harry Stone.
  • Vice-Chair – Vacant.
  • Secretary – Valerie Shaikly.
  • Treasurer – Karen Stephenson.
  • Committee:
    • Roxy Boyce-Bowen.
    • Mervyn Donnelly.
    • David Hewitt.
    • Margaret Kerr.


The Care Network is always looking for new volunteer drivers to cope with ongoing demand so, if you are able to volunteer and offer some time as a driver, please contact Harry Stone on 241026.   Considering that in a typical year, 20 volunteers undertake about 250 jobs, drivers do not need to commit more than they feel appropriate.  The network reimburses volunteers for any expenses incurred, such as fuel costs or parking fees.  Unlike many other organisations, there is no need to make a regular commitment, just a willingness to help out now and again when circumstances allow.

Finally, funding for The Care Network is almost entirely from donations it receives from people it helps, if you can please donate.

Community Agents presentation on 22nd OctoberCommunity Agents

Not related to the Care Network but providing a complementary service are Community Agents.  Community Agents Essex is a countywide network of agents and volunteers who support older people and their informal carers.  Their main aim is to find and develop independent living solutions from within their local community.

It is an innovative new partnership:

  • Promoting health and independence,
  • Reducing social isolation,
  • Finding practical solutions to daily living,
  • Providing confidential trusted Information,
  • Informing choice and reducing confusion, and
  • Increasing individual and community resilience.

For more information visit their website, or contact the local Community Agent, Clive Wakeford on 07540 720604, 01376 574341 or email [email protected].  The service is delivered through a community and voluntary sector partnership formed by Rural Community Council of Essex which includes:

  • British Red Cross,
  • Age UK Essex, and
  • Essex Neighbourhood Watch.
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