Babysitting Circle – Work together, ease the strain

West Bergholt Babysitting Circle

West Bergholt Babysitting Circle

Pulling your hair out trying to get a night out without the kid(s); if so this local babysitting group may well be able to help you.

This well-established circle is comprised of mums, predominantly from West Bergholt, who babysit for each other’s children in exchange for points which they can then ‘spend’ when they need a sitter.

It’s safe, friendly and effectively free – you just have to be willing to do your fair share of sits in return.

If you live in the village, or have a child at either Heathlands Primary School or Bluebells Pre-School, and would like to know more, then please contact the Chair, Gemma Perkins, on 07891 560318.

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