Action Plan 2014/15

Action Plan 2014/15


West Bergholt remains a very popular village in which to live, work and bring up a family.  It has many amenities and facilities that are the envy of other villages in the area and to a large extend this situation has come about through the efforts of the Parish Council, village volunteers, Heathlands School staff and local businesses often working together either to implement new facilities or maintain the existing facilities in an efficient and professional manner to ensure they remain a valuable and wanted village amenity.

The Action Plan will be reviewed at the first PC meeting that follows the annual Parish Council meeting.  Operational day-to-day initiatives identified during the year will be added soon after being agreed by a Parish Council meeting.

Significant Village Initiatives

This action plan falls into two separate but related categories – Day-to-Day (Tactical) and Strategic (Projects) activities.

Tactical initiatives usually take the form of day-to-day village activities and are identified, developed and recorded through the relevant sub-committee reports.  All initiatives are developed by the relevant sub-committee together with appropriate recommendations as to how to proceed and these are presented to the Parish Council monthly. All relevant committee and sub-committee documents can be viewed through the relevant web site page:- Parish Council – Policies and Procedures.

Projects and Initiatives – Strategic

Projects are normally identified by a specific committee however all councillors are encouraged to suggest what projects should be investigated as needs are identified.  Councillors are encouraged to present to the Parish Council giving reasons why a project should be implemented and provide recommendations as to which committee should progress the project if the Parish Council by majority agrees to evaluate the project further.  Some projects will be evaluated and even implemented by a specially formed working party rather than an existing committee.  No decision can be made by the working party and must be taken by the full council.

Planned projects for 2014/15 include:

Car Park Refurbishment Phase 1Planning & Development Committee

The car park is in need of a major refurbishment due to general wear over the years.  The car park is in daily use providing parking facilities for the village halls, the football and social clubs, the Multi User Games Area, and additional parking for school runs.   Constructed in 1938 the car park suffers from significant potholes and uneven surfaces and flooding.  The car park would also benefit from having defined parking bays.   This phase will see the completion of the contractor selection phase, appointment of project managers and agreement on the scope of works.  This phase is expected to be complete by December 2014.  The cost estimates for this project is between £65,000 and £70,000.

Car Park Refurbishment Phase 2  – Planning & Development Committee

Following on from Phase 1 there will be areas that will need to considered that provide a break between the car park and the halls and that would provide improvement to the aesthetics of the area.  This might involve paving to significant areas and shrubs and new grass being laid.  Budget costs for this area is between £5,000 and £7,500.

Traffic Safety Plan – Working Party

The traffic safety plan (TSP) has been the subject of village consultation for nearly three years.  The programme has been developed with ECC Highways and the main aspects of the TSP have been funding approved by the Local Highways Panel.  Most elements of this programme will be delivered during 2014 however it is possible that parking restrictions will not be implemented until 2015 when relevant statutory processes have run their course.  The TSP implementation has no direct costs for the village.

All Weather Goalmouth – Environment & Premises Sub Committee

Football practice nets were located on the Lorkin Daniell Playing Field in 2012 and a barrier was erected behind the practice nets in 2013 using a grant from the Borough Councillors fund.  The practice nets have proved very popular however the subsequent wear of the turf in front of the goal cannot withstand the amount of use being experienced.  In 2014 it is planned to install an all weather surface to the area.

Snow Clearing Equipment – Working Party

Ice and snow gritting equipment is to be purchased prior to the 2014/15 winter period.  The equipment will ensure the spreading of salt and grit is completed in a more efficient manner.  The budget cost for the equipment is £750.

Village War Memorial – Working Party

Planning for a new war memorial will be finalised during 2014.  A suitable supplier will be identified and plans drawn up of the agreed memorial ready for funding availability.  Grants to be sought on a matched fund basis.  Estimated budget £12,000.

Emergency Plan and Vulnerable Persons Register – Working Party

Following emergency scenarios being needed along the Essex coastline the Parish Council were reminded of the importance of producing a village wide emergency plan.  Such a plan should also extend to having a vulnerable persons register, which would be needed should an emergency occur or as a precaution in adverse weather conditions against vulnerable or frail members of the community being overlooked.  The plan and register are expected to be in place prior to the winter of 2014.  No cost to the village.

Neighbourhood Plan – Neighbourhood Plan Group

The Neighbourhood Plan group is made up of residents some of whom are Parish Councillors. The Parish Council fully supports the functions of this group and acts as an interface and liaison with outside bodies where appropriate.  The Parish Council will ultimately drive any outcomes from the plan when complete.  Until complete the Parish Council’s primary function within this strategic project is to monitor progress made by the group and assist in all consultation aspects with village residents and where appropriate businesses.  The Parish Council holds all money assigned to the plan within its accounts until required.

Production of the Neighbourhood Plan is a multi year project and the draft plan will be completed by the end of 2014 ready for the approval and the adoption phase expected in 2015.  Grants are being sought to assist with plan collateral production.  Consultation of relevant aspects of the plan will continue throughout the year at all relevant opportunities.

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