William Sims Sports Field Working Party

Future location of the William Sims Playing Field as anticipated in the Neighbourhood Plan

William Sims Sports Field Working Party Terms of Reference

These terms of reference were adopted by the Council at its meeting held on 23rd November 2022, Minute Ref. 22/163b

For review annually

1)   The intention of this group is to present to the Parish Council:

  1. Proposals to bring forward sport and recreation use of the field together with its       associated infrastructure.
  2. To define the use of the area to provide maximum benefit to the residents of the village.
  3. To report on how the area can be funded, delivered, and financially maintained.
  4. To advise how the area is to be managed.

2)   The working group should comprise of:

  1. the Chair of West Bergholt Parish Council
  2. a member of the P C’s Planning committee
  3. a member of the P C’s Environment committee
  4. the P C’s Responsible Financial Officer
  5. representatives from village organisations invited by the PC to provide input to the working group.

3)   Implementation

  1. The Chair of the Parish Council will not be the Chair of the Working Party and the Parish Clerk will not be the group’s secretary but will support in her role as the Proper Officer.
  2. Whilst every effort will be made to implement the proposals suggested by the working party, the final proposals will be dependent on the agreement of the Parish Council and the amount of funding secured.
  3. The Parish Council will hold any funds secured until required and any and all contracts awarded will be by the Parish Council and monitored either by them or any project manager (or similar) they appoint.

4)   Review

These terms of reference shall be reviewed annually at each Annual Meeting of the Parish Council until such time as the Working Party is no longer required.

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