Playground Advisory Group – Terms of Reference

Playground Advisory Group Terms of Reference

Adopted by the Council at its meeting held in September 2018.

Imagination of what the new playground might look like
How the new Playground might look


The Lorkin Daniell Field children’s playground has been in place for many years and updated thrice in the last twenty years using funding from Essex County Council, Colchester Borough Council and the Parish Council, and that raised through village cinema nights, BBQ at the village fete, etc. as organised by the West Bergholt Playground Advisory Group. The equipment undergoes a full annual playground inspection and a report produced to indicate the condition of the play equipment.  Advisory notices for certain equipment were recorded in 2022 which in the opinion of the examiner required minor repairs to be carried out before the next annual inspection.  The report conclusion was the existing equipment was safe to use.

However, the Parish Council believes now is an appropriate time to review the play equipment in terms of it being inclusive for all as the playground’s fourth update, but certainly not anticipated to be the last. The Parish Council thus wish to engage with interested parties – parents, guardians and Councillors by forming an Advisory Group to develop the all-inclusive playground strategy for the future.

There are two other playgrounds in the village, which are not covered by this report.  The first is the playground off the Erle Havard estate (by the surgery) and the other Pocket Park, located to the rear of the Maltings Park estate, both of which are owned and managed by Colchester City Council.

Purpose / Role of the Group:

The aim of the Advisory Group is to develop a strategy that will support an evolution period of up to three years and remain fit for purpose for at least fifteen further years, to provide additional play equipment to ensure the playground is all inclusive.  The strategy should identify the changes that are sought and provide an outline of how these proposed changes are to be implemented and over what time frame.

The following terms of reference are for guidance and intended to set expectations for Advisory Group members.  As such, they are laid out in bullet point format and each point will be subject to agreement by the attendees:

  1. Advisory Group members should live in West Bergholt.
  2. A nominated Parish Councillor will form part of the Advisory Group.
  3. The attendees at the first formal meeting will choose an Advisory Group chairperson.
  4. A secretary will be needed to take minutes and/or action points for each meeting. They will also be responsible for organising meeting venues and distributing relevant information to the members.
  5. The Parish Council will hold any funds secured through this project until needed.
  6. Designated members may engage with potential subcontractors to determine costs etc. but will have no authority to award a contract.
  7. Any recommendations will be put forward to the Parish Council for discussion and agreement prior to a final decision.
  8. Any contract award will be arranged by the Parish Council and specifically monitored through the Parish Council.

Members should note that whilst every effort will be made to implement the plans agreed by the advisory group these will need the approval of the Lorkin Daniell Playing Field Trust and the Parish Council, and ultimately constrained by the amount of funding raised/available.

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