Neighbourhood Plan – Our Commitment

Logo of the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan project
Logo of the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan project

Neighbourhood Plan – Our Commitment

Our Community Involvement Principles:

Please note that our commitment to consultation continues, but that consultation on the next stages of the NP will be through the formal statutory stages of the plan’s formulation which will be initiated by others namely Colchester Borough Council and by any Inspector appointed to oversee the statutory examination.

West Bergholt is a close community whose residents span a wide range of age, interests and experience.  The successful production of a Parish Plan, much of which has informed recent developments in the village, demonstrates the resolve of residents to influence the direction of future advances in our community.  The range of Clubs and Societies in the village and the number of businesses that operate from the village shows that residents’ interests are diverse.  Given this range and diversity the Communications Strategy for the Neighbourhood Plan will be as inclusive and equitable as possible.  We will endeavour to create opportunities for all to have a say and consider responses seriously.

Who we will consult:

Everyone in the village on issues of universal interest, special interest groups on specific issues (including age related groups, e.g. BYG and Friendship Clubs).

How we will consult:

Through the Village Bulletin (delivered to every home three monthly) and the village website where there is a page dedicated to the Neighbourhood Plan.  We will use posters in prominent places and E-mail specific invites to village conferences to interest groups.

When we will consult:

There will be specific times when consultation is required. Initially to hear views and ideas; when proposals are drafted; when the plan is written; when a formal examination in public is called and lastly when a referendum is held. There will be three monthly updates on progress in the Bulletin and regular updates on the website page. Whole village publicity will precede special events.

Formal consultation activities:

These activities will include questionnaires, interviews and village conferences.  A standing item will be placed on the agenda of the monthly Parish Council meeting.

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