Environment & Highways Committee – Terms of Reference

Environment & Highways Committee

Adopted by the Council at its meeting held in December 2016.

Purpose/Role of the Group:

The Environment Committee is responsible for the following:

  • Maintenance activities for Trust or Parish Council managed land – Lorkin Daniell Field, Poor’s Land, Village Green, Allotments and MUGA
  • Mowing and hedge-cutting of Parish & Trust managed land.
  • Maintenance of children’s play areas and equipment.
  • Litter-picking within village envelope.
  • Supervise village handyman work schedules.
  • Monitor highways and report problems and where appropriate draw in views from the parish to determine possible solutions.
  • Liaise with ECC and CCC with respect to their village responsibilities.
  • Maintain and keep bus shelters tidy.
  • Management of ponds at Queens Road, Lexden Road, and Hall Road.
  • Monitor dog bins and liaise with the dog warden.
  • Monitor the salt bins and manage salt supplies.
  • Maintain the friendly benches.
  • Maintain and keep clean village sign, village entry signs and Jubilee beacon.
  • Monitor village Footpaths (Public Rights of Way)
  • Tree preservation orders for trees on Parish land.
  • Environment financial expenditure, forecasting and budget.
  • Liaise with allotment Committee.
  • Environment related health and safety issues and informing Parish Clerk of concerns.
  • Produce an action plan of issues arising from any of the above items and monitor progress and completion.
  • The Environment Committee Chair is the environment H&S officer.


  • The Committee is open to members of the Parish Council including lay members not elected or co-opted.
  • The Committee will normally be made up of a minimum of four people at least three of whom must be full PC members; the Chair of the Parish Council is by default an ex-officio member.
  • Membership of the Committee is for a nominal 12 months extendable through the auspices of the Annual Meeting of the Parish Council.
  • A Chair and Vice Chair are to be elected annually by its membership.


  • The Committee is accountable to the PC and will make reports to it monthly
  • An annual report on its activity will be published through the Annual Parish meeting

Working Methods/ways of working:

  • The Committee will order and manage its work in the following ways
    • At least 6 meetings per year will be held at which proposals will be made to take to the full Parish Council
    • The Chair or Vice Chair may call ad hoc site meetings to be undertaken
    • The Committee may through the Clerk make general and specific queries to Colchester City Council or Essex County Council officers
    • The Committee may liaise with elected District or County Council members
    • Methods of communication may include written reports or email correspondence either through the Chair or the Clerk.
    • Recommendation outcomes to go to the PC will be taken by majority vote.
    • A quorum will comprise of at least three PC members

Meetings of the Committee:

  • The Environment and Highways Committee will arrange its meetings as follows:
    • At least 6 meetings will be held per annum. Meetings will be held on the 2nd Thursday of the month unless advertised differently
    • Meetings will be presided over by the Environment Chair or if unavailable the Vice Chair.
    • Meetings will be advertised on the village web site
    • An agenda will be published at least 3 clear working days agreed prior to the meeting taking place.
    • The meeting will be open to the public and press under “have your say” standards of practice.
    • Minutes of the meeting will be recorded and sent to the Parish Clerk for distribution to Parish Council members at least 1 week prior to the Parish Council meeting.

Sharing of information and resources (including confidential materials):

  • All copies of agendas and decisions, recommendations, letters, reports and correspondence will be held by the Clerk.
  • An area of the village web site will be devoted to Environment-related matters.

Review: These terms of reference will be reviewed annually.

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