Community Safety Plan Working Party – Terms of Reference

Community Safety Plan Working Group – Terms of Reference

The West Bergholt Community Safety Plan working group are to be tasked by the Parish Council with the production of a draft plan, to be submitted and once approved by the Parish Council, to aid the policing of West Bergholt having regard to the village’s concerns as a rural Community.

The working group will consist of members who live in West Bergholt, with volunteers sought by both online and poster advertising.

Every effort will be made by the working group to be inclusive and reflect as far as possible the composition of the community and noting the concerns of those that live and work on the village are many and varied.

The attendees at the first meeting will choose a Chairperson and secretary. It is not anticipated the Chairperson will be a member of the Parish Council but one Parish Council vice chair will be nominated by the Parish Council, who will report to Parish Council monthly on the working group’s progress.

The role of the secretary, who is not anticipated to be the Parish Clerk or Hall Administrator, will be to take and distribute minutes, the booking of meeting venues in the Orpen Hall complex and actively take part in the drafting of the Plan.

The Parish Council will reimburse any reasonable disbursements (printing and associated costs and travel expenses) agreed in advance with the Parish Clerk by the Chairperson.

The intention of the plan is to address local issues, aims and objectives and set priorities for the Parish’s Community Special Constables, but if they have not obtained their independent patrol status or the role has been eliminated by the time the Plan is completed it will be used to aid discussions with Essex Police in requesting an increase in their policing presence in the village, and in the reduction of farm crimes.

Although the Plan will look at the whole range of local issues and source these from available crime data and from community views, typical areas of concern already known from previous surveys include road safety and parking, antisocial behaviour, nuisance, safety at home, minor theft and crime prevention. The Plan will be developed having regard to the Neighbourhood Plan’s Community Safety Policies and Community Ambitions and ought to be done so in consultation with the Community Policing Team.

The first meeting of the working group is anticipated to be on March 2020, meeting and undertaking surveys, etc. thereafter, seeking to present the first draft of the Plan in September 2020.

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