Planning and Development Committee – 20th May 2020

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 20th May 2020 at 7.30 pm via Zoom

Planning Committee Members: Bob Tyrrell, Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Norma Smith, Andrew Savage, Ex officio Chris Stevenson and
Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk)
Next meeting:
Wed 17th June 2020 at 7.30 pm (venue TBC)
Apologies:  None  
Members of the public present: No members of the public  
Declarations of Interest: None  

It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village. The Parish Council will take into account the Village Design Statement and the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan when making comments and decisions on Planning Applications

Item 1:         To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

None were received.

Item 2:         New & current planning applications:

Location Proposal Application No. and link to CBC planning website Object / Support / Observations Decision or Recommendation Comments made by Planning Committee
4 Maltings Park Road,
West Bergholt,
Certificate of Lawfulness only – proposed loft conversion, including a rear facing dormer and front facing roof lights, proposed single storey rear extension. 200823 N/A N/A No comments to CBC Planner required, if Colchester determine that it is permitted development then they will approve.
2 Bourne Cottages, Bourne Road,
West Bergholt,
Single storey rear extension 200852 Support Decision West Bergholt Parish Council has no comment.
23 Pirie Road,
West Bergholt,
Improvements and Rear Extension 200919 Support Decision West Bergholt Parish Council has no comment.
20 Albany Road,
West Bergholt,
Two storey rear/side extension with part single storey 200962 Object Decision In principle West Bergholt Parish Council has no objections to a two-storey extension to this property. However, there are currently two matters of concern, which have been highlighted on a set of plans and emailed to the relevant planning officer:

  • Rear elevation is confusing and possibly inaccurate.
  • Instead of a mono pitch, the Council would like to see a more traditional roof on the side extension, resulting in tiles on the front elevation. This part will be seen from the street and so convenes DG26 & DG27 of the CBC-adopted Village Design Statement.


DG26: Details such as windows, doors and roof pitches should reflect those of the original building.

DG27: Careful consideration should be given to the visual impact of extensions and particularly conservatories, when they are visible either from the street or from public thoroughfares such as footpaths, bridleways etc.

179 Colchester Road, West Bergholt,
Application to vary condition 2 of decision 182761: substitute   drawings showing changes to proposed layouts & elevations 200706 N/A N/A No comments to CBC Planner required.
93 Colchester Road, West Bergholt,
Proposed single storey rear extension, proposed alterations to front elevation including new entrance door and porch, and proposed internal alterations as per drawings – REVISED DRAWINGS 200704 Support Recommendation Previous Comment (Apr 20): The Council wishes to see a front garden plan showing how the proposed 2 parking spaces will work and any dropped kerbs before considering the application further.


(May 20) West Bergholt Parish Council support the application and would thank the applicant for taking its comments on board.

Item 3: Planning Decisions

To be noted at the next meeting in June 2020.

Item 4: Local Plan

The government-appointed Planning Inspector examining the joint part of Braintree, Colchester and Tendring councils’ Local Plan has said the plan can be made sound and the proposed Garden Community on the Tendring/Colchester Border can proceed, but two others should be removed.

The Planning Inspector, Roger Clews, said in a letter to the North Essex Authorities (NEAs) that he agreed the garden communities could be supported and the policies in the plan rightly set high standards for delivery and infrastructure. However, he said the Colchester/Braintree Borders and West of Braintree Garden Community proposals are not, in his view, deliverable. See more at

He reiterated the Local Plan has met the legal requirements including the Duty to Co-operate and that the housing targets for each district are sound. This means that 716 homes need to be built each year in the Braintree District, 920 homes need to be built in the Colchester borough and 550 homes each year need to be built in Tendring. He concluded that the NEAs have two options:

  • To propose and consult on main modifications which will include the removal of the Colchester / Braintree Borders and West of Braintree GC proposals from the Plan;
  • To withdraw the Plan.
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