Planning & Development Committee – 17th February 2016

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 17th February 2016 at the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm

Planning Committee Members: Bob Tyrell (Chair), Brian Butcher ( Vice Chair), Chris Stevenson, Murray Harlow, Andrew Savage, Phil Cook & Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) Next meeting:
Wed 16th March 2016 in the J L Hall
Apologies:  None
Members of the public present: 9 members of the public
Declarations of Interest: None

   It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village .

Item 1:            To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

Item 2:            Current planning applications

Location Proposal Application No. and link to CBC planning website Object / Support / Observations Decision or Recommendation Comments by Planning Committee
Homecroft, Chapel Lane, West Bergholt, CO6 3EF Proposed formation of a private drive erection of two detached bungalows,erection of a two storey house, extensions and alterations to an existing bungalow to form a two storey dwelling, erection of garages and provision of associated parking facilities. 150702 Observation Decision While the current  revisions are an improvement, there is still concern at the lack of any on-site visitors’ parking. As Chapel Lane is narrow and the site is adjacent to a sloping bend, any on-street parking could be dangerous.

The Parish Council would like a Landscaping Scheme as a condition of approval, and would suggest that it be submitted to the Planning Committee and neighbours for their comments prior to implementation. The PC would also like to see, as a condition, the reinstatement of the mature hedgerows and their maintanence for the next 5 years as these are a village feature.

During the development the contractor should supply for CBC approval a Lorry Management Plan, again due to the local topography and the narrow lanes, so as to prevent possible accidents, especially at school times.

Highfields, Cooks Hall Road,
West Bergholt, CO6 3EX
Proposed extensions to Dwelling and erection of Swimming Pool and Pool House, as well as minor alterations to openings and formation of small balcony. 160327 Support Recommendation The Parish Council has no comment.

Item 3: Other matters:

a) Review Planning Decisions

Planning Decisions were reviewed.
Parish Clerk to check name of 45-47 Lexden Road. Henderson Place was forwarded to Street Naming team, however the sign at front of development states Stone Park.

b) Update – 91 Chapel Road, App. No. 150744

The Parish Council’s concerns were logged with CBC on 19th Jan 2016 and the enforcement officers called in.
However, work appeared to continue for a while until the PC checked with CBC once again and had a reply from Daniel Cooper, Enforcement Officer (CBC) on 3rd Feb 2016 confirming with the agent that work would cease. No work has been witnessed on the site since and the agent is now talking to Jane Seeley on a “way forward”.
Parish Clerk to check with Tony Tarrant regarding the building’s stability.

c) Rural Planning Review

To be read by each committee member and then will discuss at next meeting.

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