Planning & Development Committee – 10th June 2015

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on 10th June 2015 at the Orpen Hall at 7.30pm

Planning Committee Members: Chris Stevenson (Outgoing Chair), Andrew Savage, Bob Tyrell, Brian Butcher, Rachel Howard Next meeting:Wed 15th July 2015 in the Orpen Hall
Apologies:   None
Members of the public present: Three  
Declarations of Interest: None  

Item 1:         Current planning Applications

Application No. and link to CBC planning website Proposal Location Object / Support / Observations Decision or recommendation Comments by Parish Planning Committee
150995  Internal alterations and removal of conservatory. Two storey side extension The Hawthorns,Bourne Road,West Bergholt, Essex CO6 3EN


Object Decision The Parish Council do nothave an objection in principle to an extension to the property, however the current application is not compliant with the Adopted Village Design Statement. Specifically PoliciesDG3,DG7,DG8,DG16,DG17,DG18,DG25 andDG26.We appreciate that contemporary design is always subjective, however there is an inbalance between old and new, especially the juxtaposition of a “chalet bungalow” to the extension. The proposal is also out of keeping with the area and street scene.
151075  Application to Discharge Condition 2 of permission 150300. Rose Cottage,The Avenue,West Bergholt, Essex CO6 3HD Observation Decision The Parish Council would look to the Borough Council to ensure that conditions are correctly discharged.
151039  Proposed single storey front extension. 92 Mumford Road, West Bergholt, Essex CO63BN Support Decision The Parish Council is concerned with the forward projection and the relationship with neighbouring properties. As there is no street scene (VDS policy DG8), we are unable to comment further.
150969  Demolition of rear extension, garden room, garage and replacement rear extension & garage. Lansdowne,White Hart Lane, West Bergholt, Essex CO6 3DB Observation Decision This application is poorly presented and as there is no street scene provided it not compliance with DG8 of the Village Design Statement. We are unable to comment on the proposed garage as it is not shown on the plans.
150840 Replacement of existing flat roof on single garage with a new pitched roof with brick pillars. 23 Albany Road,West Bergholt, Essex CO6 3LB Observation Recommendation The quality of the application information is poor and if it were for anything other than converting a pitch roof we would consider it an unacceptable standard of drawing.
150972 Application For the additional use of Touring Motor Gliders (TMG). All other existing uses to remain the same. Essex & Suffolk Gliding Club,Wormingford Airfield, Fordham Road,Wormingford Colchester Observation Recommendation Unable to adequately respond to this application due to the lack of information on the timings and number of flights and how the aircraft’s noise would be monitored.

Note: where appropriate reference to the Village Design Statement (VDS) has been made in the above comments. The VDS has been adopted by the Parish Council and Colchester Borough Council.

Item 2:         Election of Chair and Vice Chair

New Chair – Bob Tyrell, as proposed by Brian Butcher, seconded by Andrew Savage

Vice Chair – Brian Butcher, as proposed by Andrew Savage, seconded by Bob Tyrell

Item 3:         Pre-application discussion

No matters to discuss at this meeting.

Item 4:         Other Matters:

  • The committee considered of issuing of planning guidance on the village Website – it was agreed Chris Stevenson will bring a document from the previous meeting.
  • It was suggested by Bob Tyrell that additional comments should be added to the Village Design Statement – it was agreed that this would be discussed at the next meeting; all to think about this and make suggestions.
  • All to review the Committee’s terms of reference at the next meeting.

Item 5:         Planning Guidance as approved by the Parish Council

DG1 Any development that would cause a negative impact on the valley sides will be resisted by the Parish council
DG2 Where it is a planning Issue any remaining hedgerows, native trees and small copses should be retained in the new landscape plans
DG3 General Design – All proposed new build and extensions must enhance the area and make a positive architectural contribution
DG4 Backland and infill proposals will be resisted except in exceptional cases, nuisance of adjacent dwellings will be considered
DG5 Garden sizes may need to be substantially larger than these minimum standards in order that garden sizes reflect the size and shape of gardens in the area
DG6 CBC Sustainable Construction SPD
DG7 Buildings must be in harmony with the surroundings in respect of materials, colour, texture, proportion and scale
DG8 impact of their proposals on adjacent building by means of adequately detailed plans, sections with accurate street elevations
DG9 Building materials – All materials should be selected from those traditionally used within the Village.
DG10 Any infill development should reflect the character of the surrounding area and protect the amenity of neighbours It should reinforce the uniformity of the street by reflecting the scale, mass, height, form, materials, fenestration and architectural details of its neighbours
DG11 The width of new building plots should be similar to that prevailing in the immediate area
DG12 New development should respect existing building lines of adjacent properties
DG13 New buildings should respect that height of buildings immediately adjacent
DG14 Infill    Dormers should be used sparingly and be subservient in nature
DG15 Infill    Developments should be modest in proportions and in scale with surrounding properties. They should not dominate. Their architectural style and finishes should be compatible and vernacular any infill should comply with Infill SPD
DG16 Roofscape is an important aspect of the village especially in the centre. New or replaced roofs should retain the existing height and pitch
DG17 External finishes should be in keeping with the traditional colours and materials in the village
DG18 Development undertaken should be in keeping with the planned nature of existing buildings
DG19 Careful consideration should be given to the impact of construction on views across the village
DG20 Rainwater goods shall be black an indicated on submitted elevations. All new service intakes to dwellings apart from gas and electricity to be run internally and not visible on the exterior All soil and waste plumbing shall be run internally and shall not be visible to the exterior
DG21 Balanced flue outlets from central heating boilers and other gas appliances shall not be positioned on street elevations
DG22 Eaves to all roofs shall be open with exposed rafter feet rather than boxed
DG23 Details of all boundary walls, fences and gates around the site shall be as submitted drawing but should not lead to urbanisation
DG24 Any new agricultural buildings should be designed and sited to minimise the effect on the landscape
DG25 Original materials or materials which are sympathetic to the existing buildings should be used
DG26 Details such as windows, doors and roof pitches should reflect those of the original building
DG27 Careful consideration should be given to the visual impact of extensions and particularly conservatories, when they are visible either from the street or from public thoroughfares such as footpaths, bridleways etc
DG28 There should be no unacceptable adverse impact upon the amenities of adjoining residential properties wherever possible mature trees and shrubs should be conserved
DG29 New buildings, in any area, should respect the scale and design of adjacent buildings
DG30 Building details such as doors, windows and roof pitches should be designed with regard to buildings existing in the vicinity
DG31 Highly reflective solar panels should not be installed if they have a visual impact on neighbouring properties or the roof-scape of the village
DG32 Modern additions such as satellite dishes, wind turbines and flues should be concealed from public
DG33 Alternative use of agricultural buildings must not have any adverse effect or cause any disturbance to any adjacent property Buildings must be of suitable for conversion
DG34 The Parish Council will challenge any changes to this equilibrium.
DG35 New parking in directly front of property should be avoided
DG36 Car parking standards to comply with ECC standards 2010
DG37 General Street-scape Guidance





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