Volunteers – The Heartbeat of our Village

The Parish Council was invited to recognise the volunteers and their organisations that make such a difference to our village. The Colchester Community Volunteer Service held a thank you lunch for those volunteers nominated by the various communities in the Borough. Those attending were greeted by the Deputy Mayor in the Moot Hall and treated to lunch and presented with certificates as a thank you for their community spirit and involvement.

The Parish Council were faced with the difficult task of selecting the volunteers and organisations that make West Bergholt such a special place to live in. We had a maximum of 4 nominee invitations and with more than 20 volunteer organisations in the village this was not an easy task. I am always amazed and proud of the number of people who happily give up their free time to help and assist others. I view our volunteers as the heartbeat of the village whether they have just began to operate a new organisation or are part of one that has operated for many years. Our nominates were David Bowden, Murray Harlow, Bob Gooden and Susan Walby representing the BYG, Youth Football, Luncheon Club, the Church, Allotment Holders and First Responders to name just a few (they are pictured above).

Thank you to all our volunteers.

John Gili-Ross

This material has been developed for the West Bergholt Village Website at http://www.westbergholt.net
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