Community Speedwatch Volunteers

Community Speed WatchCommunity Speedwatch Volunteers

West Bergholt & Eight Ash Green have an active Speedwatch Group regularly visiting speeding hot-spots.  These volunteers have been trained by the police to use an approved radar speed device.  Members are able to go, at a convenient time, to approved sites and monitor the speeds of the traffic.  Any motorist exceeding a threshold speed has their vehicle details written down, with time and date, and this is passed to Essex Police.  The keeper of the vehicle will then receive a letter from the Police asking them to obey the speed limits in future.  The Police state:

“Persistent high violators will be targeted by Essex Police resulting in prosecution.”

If you would like to  join them, please let them know so that you can receive the police training.  Once trained members can go out whenever they are able to find another volunteer(s) to join them.

Anthony C Robin
Spring Lane,
01206 571910.
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The Essex Police website provides the following introduction to Speedwatch:

Excess vehicle speed can have a real impact on people’s quality of life. It can affect the severity of any road traffic collision and can have a genuine influence on the lives of people in our communities.

The challenge for Essex Police is to provide the right level of reassurance and enforcement. Increasing the existing methods and including the community by recruiting volunteers and involving them in the Community Speed Watch campaign will benefit the communities themselves in helping to reduce anti-social behaviour problems.

Community Speed Watch is a traffic monitoring scheme that is co-ordinated by Essex Police and supported by the partnership but it is managed and run by volunteers in the community.

The aim of Community Speed Watch is to address the problem of either real or perceived speeding. This is done in partnership with the community in order to reduce the number of injuries from road traffic collisions.

Community Speed Watch wants to reduce the number of speed related offences within 12 months. This will be in each of the police areas where Community Speed Watch is taking place.

The benefits of this scheme include;

  • The chance to increase road safety.
  • Enhancing the role of community members as volunteers.
  • Raise awareness of anti-social road use.
  • Reduce road traffic collisions and injuries.
  • Increase links with the community.

Essex Police will support the scheme via the use of police staff, neighbourhood policing teams, special constables and police community support officers.  The level of participation will be determined locally.

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