TLC for Queen’s Head Pond

Queens Head Pond nearly dried out and needs some TLCTLC for Queen’s Head Pond

Following the hot summer, it is apparent that the Queen’s Head Pond has suffered greatly and is need of some TLC.  The water level has dropped substantially and the pond has become stagnant and de-oxygenated.  The level of silt and mud in the pond has also risen to unacceptable, potentially hazardous, levels.  Possibly as a consequence, the area has also seen a sharp rise in rodent infestation. All of this is causing a general health hazard and a problem to the fish and surrounding wildlife.


To remedy this, the Parish Council has made plans to rehabilitate the Queen’s Head Pond; the works will not endanger the weeping willow.  The council plans for work to start week commencing Monday 8th October.  You should expect there to be some disruption in the area of the pond during that time.


The pond is home to a number of Koi Carp and the Parish Council is asking for anybody able to offer accommodation to contact them; please contact the Parish Clerk if you can.  The Parish Council will also be trying to remove any native wildlife to the other village ponds.

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