Shame on who?

Gate can no longer be secured
Gate can no longer be secured

A Shameful Side To Our Village

Background to Tennis Courts

Six years ago The Parish Council assumed responsibility for the tennis court area of the Orpen Field.  A key aim is to promote the use of this facility and to make it more readily available to village residents for tennis and other sports.  To this end membership of the West Bergholt Sports Club has attracted about twenty families, and casual use can be booked at the Co-op at a fair price.  The Council has not sought to make any profit from the facility but simply to set aside enough each year to maintain it in good condition and replace the surface when it becomes necessary.

Despite security access abused and damage caused

For security and safety reasons the management committee introduced a coded locking system on the main gate.  This has generally worked well but sadly some individuals have abused it and gained entry, misusing the area, repeatedly damaging nets and equipment which have needed replacement at a cost of over £500.  The attraction to young people for football was recognised and so a goal area was provided lower down the field and this was well used and appreciated.

A sad day – police involved

It is sad to report that despite efforts to maintain security, unauthorised entry has continued culminating in an act of vandalism on the lock which has completely ruined it and will cost over £200 to replace.  To make matters worse a temporary padlock with a chain securing the gate was stolen on Saturday 9th August and was captured on CCTV.  Those involved are in the process of being identified.

Polite request

In the meantime the court area remains open.  A notice asks that no football is played and the nets are not interfered with.  Also children under ten are not allowed on the courts unsupervised.  Parents are asked to ensure that their children respect this.  The management committee will meet shortly and make recommendations to the Council about the future of the facility.

Any information on the incidents described above or suggestions for future means of access and the booking of the courts will be welcomed by the Council.

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