Premises & Recreation – 7th November 2016

Premises & Recreation – 7th November 2016

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 7th November when, among other items, they discussed sub-committee terms of reference, Orpen Hall toilets, Football Clubs and Annual Budget.

Premises & Recreation Minutes

Sub-committee Meeting held on 7th November 2016 in JL Hall

Sub-committee members present:

Brian Butcher, Jenny Church, Janet Crichton, Murray Harlow, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell



Also in attendance Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator), Andrew Savage (PC)



1.1 Andrew Savage joined the meeting for this item.  AS distributed a spreadsheet showing past actual figures together with the proposed budget figures for 2017/2018.  Receipts will be discussed at a meeting in December but the expenses were addressed and revisions recommended, AS will amend the budget. ALL


Matters from Last Meeting

2.1 Health and Safety – Finance was agreed for the fire extinguisher course – VBC/LW are compiling a list and will invite the relevant people to attend this course beginning of next year. VBC/LW


Clerks & Administrator’s Report

3.1 John Lampon Hall Toilets – VBC brought up the subject of hand dryer operation, the disabled hand dryer did not work.   It was agreed to get the electrician in to advise accordingly. VBC
3.2 Kitchen –  MH will get STC in to raise the draining board so that excess water will no longer stay on the draining board. MH
3.3 John Lampon Tables/upstairs tables – It was agreed for VBC to purchase two tables for upstairs together with a trolley to store the tables for the JL Hall. VBC
3.4 Cleaning Arrangements – Zoe advised VBC that full nappies were being squashed into the bins on the wall and not nice to be faced with.  It was agreed for pedal bins to be purchased and placed in the toilets labelled up.   VBC at the previous meeting had obtained quotes for sanitary bins – Zoe has been having to empty the bins and after further discussion it was agreed to contact Prestige Hygiene to supply six sanitary units. VBC/LW
3.5 Hall Flooring – VBC awaiting one quote and is still looking at getting a further two quotes.   It was suggested for VBC to contact the RCCE who may have the names of flooring contractors VBC can approach. VBC
3.6 Dog Signage – signs have been ordered and should arrive this week.  VBC will arrange for them to be put up. VBC
3.7 Hall Border Tidying – LW to look further into the Tesco Grant. LW
3.8 Projector – VBC will be liaising with BB – there will be two purchases (1) portable projection (£100), (2) replacement for the Orpen Hall. VBC will approach the regulars to get some feedback on the current projector and what they may wish from the future one. VBC/CS


West Bergholt Football Club & Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club

4.1 A meeting has been organized for both clubs to meet on 21st November 2016. BB


Refurbishment of Orpen Hall Toilets

5.1 Zoe expressed concern that someone unknown keeps turning up the radiator in the men’s toilet – it was agreed to instruct the handyman to remove the temperature valves. VBC/JGR
5.2 The ladies middle toilet seat not on correctly.  BB said he would look at this and will try and rectify it, if not, then ask the handyman – Done. BB
5.3 The men’s cubicle toilet door is very squeaky – BB to ask Ponders to address this. BB
5.4 The drains were blocked – Ponders came to do a video down the drains which we are awaiting a copy but primarily due to wet wipes and sanitary ware.  By going ahead with sanitary units this will alleviate this occurring again.
5.5 A sign is to be placed on the toilet door to tell people how to use them. VBC


Any Other Business

6.1 MUGA – BB reported he attended the MUGA meeting.  It was agreed that a copy of the Minutes will be issued to this Committee.  It came to light that the coaches are block booking – therefore not allowing other users to use the court. The MUGA Committee are addressing this.
6.2 Terms of Reference – BB and JGR have been in conversation and it was agreed that the Environment Committee will take responsibility of maintaining the children’s play area and equipment.  Environment will also be responsible for maintaining the Lorkin Daniel and Poors Field but the Premises will be responsible for the contract of field markings.  The Communications Officer is also no longer the responsibility of the Premises Committee.
6.3 BB then advised that after the PTA Fireworks Display that the marquee lorry drove over one bollard, the bollard body left in a poor state and the lorry had damage to its radiator.  Ian Davies, co-chairman of the PTA Firework Working Party is sorting this out and reimbursement of bollard to be sought, JGR is progressing this matter. JGR
6.4 BB to meet with Orpen Players and BYG re better housing in the storage unit. BB


Meeting closed at 8.55pm

Date of next meeting – 9th January 2017 – 7.30pm John Lampon Hall



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