Premises & Recreation – 21st October 2015

The Premises & Recreation Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 21st October when they discussed a range of issues affecting Orpen Hall & playing fields such as Football Clubs, Play Equipment,  Cleaning, H&S, Scouts, Personal Trainer, Orpen Players & Green’s Fish Bar.

Premises & Recreation Report

Sub-committee meeting held on Wednesday 21st October 2015 at the Orpen Hall

Councillors present Rosemary James, Jenny Church, Bob Tyrrell, Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow,  Chris Stevenson
Apologies No Apologies

Victoria Beckwith-Cole (Hall Administrator), Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk), Phil Spencer in attendance, also Michael Bell and Terry Farrow from West Bergholt Football Club.


Election of New Chair & Vice Chair

Brian Butcher was proposed by Murray Harlow, Rosemary James seconded. All in favour.

Brian Butcher elected new Chair of Premises Sub-Committee.

Murray Harlow proposed as Vice chair by Brian Butcher, Rosemary James seconded. All in favour.

Murray Harlow elected new Vice chair of Premises Sub-Committee.


West Bergholt Football Club – grass cutting Lorkin Daniell Field

Minute Reference: Item 3 Sept 15. It was agreed, in principle, with the Football Club to pay £40 per month to them for cutting the Lorkin Daniel Field. The areas have also been agreed with WBFC. The agreement awaits signing by both parties, with attached plan. BB, LW (& WBFC)


West Bergholt Football Club – development at 45-47 Lexden Road

The Football Club raised concerns about footballs entering the new development currently under construction in Lexden Road. They have added a comment on the CBC Planning website, but feel a mesh net may be needed in the future to stop wayward balls. BB needs more advice, but advised WBFC to deal directly with Glenmore Developments in the first instance and to copy the Parish Clerk into the response, before he sought such. BB

(& WBFC)


Bergholt Heath Youth Football Club – Saturday morning training proposal

BHYFC have submitted a proposal for Saturday morning training on the Lorkin Daniell Field. WBFC felt there is little time/room on the field prior to a match, although there is the oblong along the side of the pitch. BB, having just seen the proposal, felt it was too early to make a decision and needed some time to consider it, before then feeding back. BB


Dado Rail in John Lampon Hall

Minute Reference: Item 1 Sept 15. Ivor Beckwith-Cole has rounded off the corners of the dado rail as part of the original specification. Item is therefore now closed.


Play Equipment

Minute Reference: Item 2 Sept 15. Third toddler swing now installed by Ivor B-C. H/S inspector commented on problems with the black safety sufacing previously installed by Playequip under the climbing frame & roundabout. An email regarding the subsequent meeting with Playequip & Phil Walby has been forwarded by Phil, stating that they will take responsibility & rectify some parts of the splitting surface in December, but others will need Ivor B-C to complete the work. This now comes under the Environment Sub-committee’s Terms of Reference and the email has been forwarded to the Chair, John Gili-Ross. CS asked that JG-R see the matter through to its conclusion, although help is available from the Premises committee if required. JG-R


Orpen Hall Signage

Minute Reference: Item 4 Sept 15. BT to submit quote. BT



Minute Reference: Item 5 Sept 15. Mike’s Cleaning was given 3 months’ notice on 24/09/15, he instead chose to stop cleaning the halls at the end of September. The Premises committee thanked both the Hall Administrator and the Parish Clerk for stepping into clean at such short notice and will reimburse them with overtime payments to cover the cost. The committee also thanked the Hall Administrator for finding a replacement cleaner so promptly. Zoe’s Cleaning Services began on Mon 5th October. The PC has received two references, insurance details and have had positive comments from regular users so far. Clerk to send Cleaning Schedule and previous Cleaning Agreement to BB to review. Committee agreed to give Zoe a three month contract at present. VB-C to put into writing the difficulty of seeking quotes & the abrupt loss of Mike’s Cleaning. BB & the Clerk to update the current contract to include the need to seek quotes on an annual basis. LW




Health and Safety

Minute Reference: Item 6 Sept 15. BB has emailed around his questionnaire to BT, AS & CS and awaits a response. BT, AS & CS


Vicky Beckwith-Cole

It was agreed that the Hall Administrator should be invited to all Premises Committee meetings from now on. It was also agreed that VB-C will produce an agenda and take the minutes at future meetings.


Mowing of Scout Hut Grass

An email has been received from David Kay of the Scouts requesting grass & hedge trimming around the Scout Hut. The committee agreed to request that the Handyman/Ivor B-C be instructed by RJ, in JG-R’s absence, to cut the grass and hedges. RJ


Terms of Reference

JG-R and PW had agreed to re-balance some of the Terms of Reference covered by the Premises and Environment sub-committees. BB requested that the Clerk highlight the changes that have been suggested so he can make an informed decision. LW


Budget for next year

The committee agreed to invite the Responsible Finance Officer AS to next month’s meeting to discuss the budget.



BB requested the following documents from the Clerk/Hall Administrator:

  • Hall Insurance inc. Public Liability
  • Health & Safety Plan
  • Risk Assessments
  • Asbestos Management Plan


Fire Extinguisher Check
VB-C reported that the Fire Extinguisher Check had been carried out, all fine, just a couple of small purchases needed.
Indian Ceremony
VB-C had a request for an external fire pit to be used during an Indian Ceremony. The committee agreed it couldn’t see a problem, although stipulated a fire extinguisher be on hand during the ceremony and that such should be isolated from the car park so as to prevent damage. VB-C will relay this to the users. VB-C
A personal trainer has applied to use the Lorkin Daniell Field for boot camp training of parents & toddlers several mornings a week during term time. The committee agreed to charge £10 an hour, although have requested insurance documents and certificates of qualifications first. The committee were concerned with CRB implications and requested the Clerk seek advice from the EALC. LW
New tap
The Hall Administrator requested a new tap in the John Lampon Hall toilet. The committee agreed to go ahead with the purchase. VB-C
The Hall Administrator asked to move the safe which holds the remote controls & microphone, as it sits over a radiator. The committee agreed VB-C can reposition it wherever she thinks is fitting. VB-C
The hall has two domestic boilers used for heating and hot water, one of which was replaced last year. The second boiler is now playing up and frequently emitting an error code. VB-C to send to BB the details of the current boiler and to look further into replacement. VB-C to seek advice from manufacturer as to local repairer. VB-C
Firework Display – Sat Nov 7th
VB-C informed the committee that there is both a football match in the afternoon and a party booked into the hall that evening, therefore rendering the car park useless as overflow parking for Heathlands Firework Display. The Clerk has informed the firework committee already, however the Premises committee agreed the car park needed to be coned off, with signs noting “parking for football & party goers only”. VB-C and the Clerk to create the signage. VB-C


Orpen Players
VB-C informed the committee that the Orpen Players have asked for a reduction in their bill, due to the cancellation of their latest production. The committee agreed to reduce the Players Panto bill by £200. VB-C
Smell in Orpen Hall Ladies Toilet
VB-C reported a smell in the ladies toilet in the Orpen Hall. The handyman was called and carried out an emergency repair, sealing between the pan and the floor. The smell has now gone and will hopefully no longer be an issue once new toilets are installed with possible CIF funding.
Green’s Fish Bar
The Clerk informed the committee that Green’s Fish Bar have now paid their first month’s rent for use of a parking space at the Orpen Hall. It was agreed not to chase him for the electricity charges as that would result in him using his own generator and thereby disturbing nearby properties.
Hall Administrator’s Holiday
The committee were informed that the Hall Administrator will be on holiday between the 15/11/15 – 29/11/15. The Clerk will be covering her duties and will therefore take the minutes of the next Premises meeting. LW

Date of next meeting – 18th November 2015 at JLH


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