Planning & Development Committee – 20th July 2016

Planning & Development Committee – 20th July 2016

Taking place on 20th July, this planning & development committee meeting, which is open to the public, will consider four planning applications affecting Bourne Road, Colchester Road (2), and Chapel Lane.  It will also consider 2 consultations, Essex Development Management and Colchester Local Plan.

Formal Notice of Meeting

Meeting of the Planning & Development Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council in the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm on Wednesday 20th July 2016.

The public and press are welcome to attend.

How Decisions are taken

  1. For applications on the published agenda the Committee is authorised by the Parish Council to take decisions. The decision area covers the Parish Council’s response to the application as a statutory consultee to Colchester Borough Council the Planning Authority.
  2. If there is a Planning Application (or correspondence received) which post-dates the publishing of the agenda, and which cannot await the next meeting of the Committee, then such matters will be discussed at the meeting, but the Committee will not take a decision. Instead, it will make a recommendation to the next advertised appropriate meeting; this is likely to be the next full Parish Council meeting. If this is the case, the matter concerned will appear on the Parish Council published agenda.

AGENDA – Matters to be taken in public

  1. To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed Planning Applications
  2. To discuss and make decisions on the following applications:
Planning Application No. Location Consultation end date
161431 St. Clair, Bourne Road, West Bergholt CO6 3EW 15th July
161602 105 Colchester Road, West Bergholt CO6 3JX 22nd July
161181 Laborne, Chapel Lane, West Bergholt CO6 3EF 22nd July
161659 43 Colchester Road, West Bergholt CO6 3JQ 28th July
  1. Consultation on review of Essex Development Management Policies 2016
  2. Colchester Local Plan Consultation: consideration of response from PC/NP.
  3. Other Matters:
    1. Review Planning Decisions.
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