Minutes of Parish Council 27th April 2022

Minutes of meeting

Being held on the same evening as the Annual Parish Meeting, the Parish Council meeting was confined to regular reports.

Official minutes are below:

Minutes of Parish Council Meeting

Held on Wed 27th April 2022 at 6.30 pm in the Orpen Memorial Hall

Chairman:Cllr Harry Stone
Parish Councillors Present:Cllrs Bob Tyrrell, Joel Fayers, David Short, Andrew Savage and James Owers
Parish ClerkLaura Walkingshaw
Borough & County Councillors:None
Present:No members of the public

22/53           Receive/accept apologies and welcome to the public

RESOLVED – apologies accepted from Councillors Chris Stevenson, John Gili-Ross, Manya Barrow & Brian Butcher.

Apologies were also received from Borough Councillors Barber, Willetts & Leatherdale.

22/54           Questions from registered electors

There were no questions received from registered electors.

22/55           Declarations of Interest

There were no declarations of interest.

22/56           Previous Minutes

RESOLVED – the Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 23rd March 2022 were approved and signed by the Chairman, with no amendments. (See link to PC Minutes P12 Mar 22)

22/57           Report from Colchester Borough and Essex County Councillors

There were no reports received from the Borough or County Councillors, however Cllr Leatherdale sent an email to be read at the meeting expressing his concern that due to diary commitments he has been unable to attend as many PC meeting as hoped. He provided his contact details once more in case any of the Council had any issues which they wished to raise with him.

22/58           Finance

a)   Statement of accounts for March 2022

The final accounts for Mar 22 (100% through financial year) were presented as follows: (See link to PC Accounts P12 Mar 22)

Receipts at 100%, General Expenditure 68%, Environment Expenditure 57%, Overall Expenditure 66%. Bank Rec at £ 99,602.43 on 31st March 2022.

b)   Payments

RESOLVED – To approve the April payments list in accordance with 2022-23 budget.

Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Tyrrell. All in favour.

Payments List April 2022
DDBarclaysBank charges (10.00-0.30)9.70
DDPWLBPublic Works Loan (May 22)2684.13
SOJ & M Payroll ServicesApr – wages, tax & NI4500.00
PC22001J & M Payroll ServicesApr – wages tax & NI314.83
PC22002J & M Payroll ServicesPayroll services and end of year99.00
PC22003WBFCGrass cutting Apr – LD Field50.00
PC22004CountrywideGrass cutting Apr – Poor’s Land186.00
PC22005Petty Cash – LWGloves, sprayer, diesel, disc cutter, stamps64.69
PC22006Slate WorkshopQueen’s Green Canopy plaque170.00
PC22007Nigel WeallDiesel50.01
PC22008Anglia Trophy Co (A Knights)Trophy & engraving111.00
PC22009UK Office ShopCallout – problem with Xerox C405 printer94.80
PC22010UK Office ShopXerox parts & delivery48.60
PC22011UK Office ShopLabour charge – Xerox C405 printer72.00
PC22012PrinterlandXerox extra high capacity 4 pk bundle532.91
PC22013PrinterlandXerox waste toner cartridge & imaging unit209.84
PC22014PrinterlandXerox imagine unit182.60
PC22015Ingleton WoodProfessional services 30 days540.00
PC22016EALC & NALCAffiliation Fees 2022/23676.43
PC22017Oak View LandscapesPrepare, supply and plant trees at Orpen Hall600.00
PC22018Laura WalkingshawStationery and thank you flowers93.16
PC22019Harry StoneThank you gift for xx35.00
PC22020David ShortParaffin, storage box, mileage & calls65.47
PC22021John Gili-RossZoom membership for the Council143.88
PC22022UK Office ShopXerox C450DN Printer – replacement778.80
TfrPC to Hall AccountInv P124/21-22 1 x meeting SC Rm6.60

c)    To agree to the 2021-22 additions to the Parish Council’s asset register.

This item was deferred until the next meeting.

d)   To note the end of year accounts (2021-22) for the Village Bulletin and MUGA/Tennis Courts.

Village Bulletin accounts for 2021-22:

Receipts £3,235.50, Payments £4,073.52, receipts/payments -£838.02, although worth noting that the payments included 5 quarters of printing costs.

MUGA/Tennis Courts accounts for 2021-22:

Receipts £1598.05, Payments £994.46, £603.59 surplus to be earmarked for future repairs.

e)    To propose that the Council increase the Charity Quiz donation by £215 to make the total raised for the DEC Red Cross Ukraine appeal to £600.

£385 was raised by the Charity Quiz of the 16th April from team fees and a raffle, which everyone agreed was a fantastic sum for one night’s work. However, those present felt uncomfortable donating funds from the Parish Council to this appeal as it is contrary to the Council’s Grant Policy to give to national charities and so the decision was taken to postpone this item until next month when the proposer would be present to discuss it in detail.

22/59           Planning

To note the following decisions made by the West Bergholt Parish Council Planning Committee at their meeting of 20th April 2022 (see link to Planning P1 Apr 22):

  • 220676 – 106 Mumford Road – The Parish Council has no comment – SUPPORT
  • 220735 – 16 Newbridge Hill – The Parish Council supports this application but would suggest that the front elevation could be improved further by widening the middle gable which accommodates the lobby to create a focal point to the front of the building – SUPPORT
  • 220650 – 19 Bradbrook Cottages, Armoury Road – The Parish Council objects to this application as the proposed elevations of a three-storey building is totally out of keeping with the neighbouring properties. The application does not comply to PP10 of the CBC-adopted West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan, specifically: “Buildings must respect the character of and be in harmony with their surroundings in respect of plot width, layout, building lines, materials, height, proportion, scale and massing” – OBJECT
  • 220727 – 30 New Church Road – This application is a vast improvement on the previous one, however it remains overdevelopment of the site. The Parish Council must object due to the mass of the property, which does not comply to PP10 of the CBC-adopted West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan, specifically: “Buildings must respect the character of and be in harmony with their surroundings in respect of plot width, layout, building lines, materials, height, proportion, scale and massing” – OBJECT
  • 220363 – Scarletts, Scarletts Chase, (Listed – retrospective) – The Parish Council would defer to the Borough Council’s greater knowledge on the development of listed buildings – OBSERVATION
  • 220799 – The Settlers, Newbridge Hill, (amended plans) – The Parish Council objects to three out of four of the Velux windows listed in the recent amendments. The Velux on the rear elevation staircase landing should be obscured and fixed closed for perpetuity just as the other windows to the rear elevation are. There are also concerns in regard to nighttime light pollution from the Velux roof windows, in an area where there is no street lighting and dark sky preservation is greatly valued – OBJECT
  • 220540 – 7 Lexden Road, CO6 3BT (amended plans) – The Parish Council supports the amended plans and is happy that the concerns in regard to the front have been addressed by the revisions. However, it would like to bring to the Planning Officer’s attention that there appears to be a loss of 45-degree visibility splay to the rear of the adjacent property at number 5 – SUPPORT

22/60           Environment & Highways

To note the minutes of the Environment Committee from their meeting of the 14th April 2022 (see link to Environment P1 Apr 22)

The minutes were noted.

22/61           Training/Networking Events

To note & receive feedback from the training/networking undertaken during the last month by Councillors or the Clerk:

  • Council Finance – AS – 31st Mar 22

Really good session, very happy with our current processes. Great idea raised to take photos of all the items on the asset register over £100, whilst just create an inventory list for those under £100. Also, related to the asset register, a query rose as to whether it is economically viable for the Council to insurance items which are below the current insurance excess amount of £250, this will be considered by the RFO and brought to a future Finance meeting.

22/62           Items to Note

  1. National Grid Consultation – Just received notification of a consultation to be held at the Orpen Hall on Saturday 7th May in regard to pylons being erected across Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex. The project proposes to come through West Bergholt parish.

22/63           Items for next agenda (April 2022)

  • Annual Meeting of the Parish Council
    • Election of Chairman
    • Signing of the AGAR (Annual Governance & Accountability Return)
    • Reappointment of Committees and roles
    • Review of Standing Orders, Financial Regulations etc.

22/64           In Committee

Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).

There were no matters held in committee.

22/65           Date of Next Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on Wednesday 25th May 2022 at 7.30pm in the John Lampon Hall, Orpen Memorial Hall, Lexden Road, CO6 3BW.

Meeting closed at 7.00 pm

Signed:                            Date:                     Position on Council:

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