Planning & Development Committee – 21st October 2020

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 21st October at 7.30pm via Zoom

Planning Committee Members: Bob Tyrrell, Brian Butcher, Murray Harlow, Norma Smith, Andrew Savage and Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk) Next meeting:

Wed 18th Nov 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom

Apologies:  Ex officio member Chris Stevenson  
Members of the public present: One  
Declarations of Interest: None  

It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village. 

The Parish Council will take into account the Village Design Statement and the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan, emerging planning policy and CBC Planning policies when making comments and decisions on Planning Applications

Item 1: To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

None were received.

Item 2: To discuss and make decisions on the following applications:

Location Proposal Application No. and link to CBC planning website Object / Support / Observations Decision or Recommendation Comments made by Planning Committee
83 Chapel Road,
West Bergholt,
Demolition of a single-storey rear kitchen range, a modern    conservatory and detached garage. Erection of a proposed 2-storey rear extension with associated minor alterations to the existing house. Erection of a replacement single-storey detached garage. 202080 Object Decision The Parish council are not against a two-storey extension to a property in the West Bergholt Character Area in principle, however due to the scale of this particular extension it was felt to be at odds with PP5 of the CBC-adopted West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan.

PP5 – The “Character Area” designated on Map PP5, which reflects the built local distinctiveness of Essex’s heritage, will be protected from degradation. Development proposals will be expected to respect its features and character in relation to the scale, design and setting of any development.


At present the extension is too large.  It would be acceptable if its length did not exceed that of the existing rear projection of the building.

There are also three other matters which the Council would like to see resolved:

1)    In the proposal, part of the garage guttering overhangs the neighbour’s property at 81 Chapel Road. The garage should be rotated away from the boundary so it runs parallel instead (say 300mm within their boundary), so that neither the fascia nor guttering will overhang.

2)    The property at 85 Chapel Road will be overlooked from the windows on the new landing and bedroom 4 of the proposed extension. The council would ask that the planners consider the use of obscured/frosted glass in the first-floor landing window and the lower half of the bedroom 4 window.

3)    The height of the proposed pent-roofed garden store, which is to be sited at back of pavement, should be reduced below the height of the boundary fence, especially from a listed building aesthetic viewpoint as it would otherwise be seen by passing residents.

Finally, the Parish Council would, as always, defer to the Borough Council’s greater knowledge on the development of Listed Buildings.

83 Chapel Road,
West Bergholt,
(Listed building application for above) 202081 Object Decision as above
6 Hall Road,
West Bergholt,
Proposed two storey side/rear extension and single storey rear extension. 202109 Observation Decision The Parish Council would refer to PP10 of the CBC-adopted West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan, specially the statement that:

“Planning applications must show contextually the impact of their proposals on adjacent buildings by means of adequately detailed plans with accurate street elevations to avoid unacceptable adverse impact upon the amenities of the occupiers of nearby residential properties.”


At present there is a lack of information on the impact that the proposed two storey extension would have on both the adjoining and adjacent neighbouring properties.


It appears that the proposed extension will extend beyond the 45-degree sight lines from the neighbouring property’s rear windows. The Parish Council would suggest that the depth of the extension at first floor should be reduced by about 2m (the ground floor is fine) so as to respect the vision splays and avoid the  adverse impact it would have on the adjoining property.

Item 3: Planning Decisions:

West Bergholt PC Decision Date WBPC Decision Application No. and link to CBC planning website Location Proposal CBC/Appeal Decision Date CBC/Appeal Decision Appeal Pending
19/08/2020 Support 201555 4 Garthwood Close, West Bergholt,


Proposed single storey rear extension. 22/09/20 Approved N/A
02/09/2020 Support 201771 1 Moss Way,

West Bergholt,


Proposed single storey rear extension. 25/09/20 Approved N/A
19/08/2020 Object 201642 155 Colchester Road, West Bergholt,


Outline application for erection of two dwellings, complete with access and parking. 29/09/20 Refused N/A
02/09/2020 Support 201744 Alcrofts Lodge,

Bures Road,

West Bergholt,


Proposed single storey extension. 5/10/20 Approved N/A
19/08/2020 Object 201472 Barton Olivers,

181 Colchester Road, West Bergholt,


Construction of new detached two-storey house with garage, drive and new access. O/S   N/A
02/09/2020 Support 201686 Land south of WB Cricket Club, Colchester Road,

West Bergholt

Outline application for up to 18 dwellings with access to be determined and all other matters reserved. O/S   N/A
16/09/20 Support 201925 Land adjacent,

12 Colchester Road, West Bergholt,


Outline application for up to 7 dwellings with access determined and all other matters reserved. O/S    


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