Minutes of Parish Council 23rd January 2019

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 23rd January 2019 at 7.30 pm

Chair: Cllr Chris Stevenson
Parish Councillors Present: Cllrs Andrew Savage, Jenny Church, Brian Butcher, Phil Spencer, Bob Tyrrell, Harry Stone, David Short and Murray Harlow
Parish Clerk: Laura Walkingshaw
Borough & County Councillors: Borough Councillors Jarvis, Willetts and Barber
Present: 5 members of the public



Receive/accept apologies and welcome to the Public

  RESOLVED – Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Gili-Ross

Janet Crichton has resigned from the Council. There is however no need to fill the vacancy until the coming elections in May. The Council thanks Janet for all her hard work and wishes her all the best for the future.


Questions from registered electors

  There were no questions received from registered electors.


Declarations of Interest

  DECLARED – Cllr Stevenson declared an interest in all matters relating to Essex County Council, specifically Highways. Cllrs Tyrrell and Stevenson both declared an interest in Planning Application 183021. Cllr Tyrrell also declared an interest in Planning Application 190101





RESOLVED – the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on Wednesday 28th November 2018 were approved and signed by the Chairman of the meeting, with no amendments. (Link to Minutes P8 Nov 2018)


Report from Colchester Borough Councillors

  Borough Councillor Jarvis reported:

  • The Locality Budget – has now been completely spent for this year. The last grant awarded helped the Community 360 Sainsburys transport in Fordham, allowing easy accessibility for the community with no onwards funding. The Locality Budget will open again after the May elections (£6,000 in total) if budgets allow.

Borough Councillor Barber reported:

  • Planning Appeal 5th Feb – land behind the White Hart Pub. The councilor has checked that the residents have been informed and will co-ordinate with the PC.

ACTION – Cllr Butcher will be in touch prior to attending the hearing.

There is currently no fixed date for the other outstanding appeals. Borough Cllr Jarvis reminded Cllr Butcher that if he wishes to speak at the appeal then he will need to register with the Inspector on arrival.

  • Local Highways Panel – would like to conduct a speed survey around the White Hart on Bures Road if they gained the necessary funding. It was reported that there is already a set of speed cables across Colchester Road at the Treble Tile.

ACTION – Cllr Barber will make enquiries about this.

  • Bus Consultation – the evening and weekend buses are under review and a consultation has been set up to look at the criteria required to run a service. Survey link can be found here and closes on Friday 22nd March.

ACTION – Cllr Stone is looking at this survey and will reply for the PC

  • Library Consultation – for the future of Essex Libraries please complete this survey here before 20th Feb.

Borough Councillor Willetts reported:

  • Local Plan Committee – delighted that the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan has been handed over to CBC for consultation from 22nd Jan – 5th Mar.

Cllr Stevenson wished to thank the Borough Councillors in their support of the Plan and how impressed the Steering Group has been with the officers at CBC. Shelley Blackaby specifically did a fantastic job for us.




Statement of accounts for Nov-Dec 2018 (Link to P8-9 Nov-Dec Summary)

The final accounts for November-December 2018 were presented as follows:

75% of the way through the financial year. The Parish Council Account showed 96% income, 68% general expenditure, 66% environment expenditure and 68% expenditure overall, when the categories of general expenditure & environment are totalled together.


Bank Reconciliation for Nov-Dec 2018

The Responsible Finance Officer, Cllr Savage, signed the Parish Council’s bank reconciliation for Nov-Dec 2018 in the presence of the full council.



  RESOLVED – To approve the payments in accordance with 2018-19 budget. Proposed by Cllr Savage, seconded by Cllr Butcher. All in favour.

Dec 2018
Parish Council Account
GA18174 Right Mix Cement for Storage Unit 374.40
GA18174 (A) J & M Payroll Services Dec – Wages, Tax & NI 4231.28
GA18175 Countrywide Grass Cutting – Dec 158.50
GA18176 J & M Payroll Services Payroll Services – Nov 27.00
GA18177 WBFC Grass Cutting – Nov 40.00
GA18178 Petty Cash Reimbursement. (LW) Room, Xmas Meal, Stamp, Parking 57.27
GA18179 Cox Landscapes Wheelbarrow, hardware – Storage Unit 57.31
GA18180 J Colclough Casual work – Storage Unit 66.00
GA18181 Atlas Signs Bulletin Printing – 1500 copies (28 pgs) 894.42
GA18182 David Short Travel expenses, Beacon lighting materials 73.71
GA18183 Wave (Anglian Water) Poor’s Land water bill – Sept to Dec 11.97
GA18084 Mervyn Donnelly Allotment expenses 73.60
DD Wave Allotments – Sept to Dec (actual reading) 470.87
Chq 104280 Post Office Ltd Car Tax (1 yr) PC Vehicle 315.00
Tfr PC to Hall Account 2 x Bx A4 Paper 29.98
Tfr PC to Hall Account Allotment Skip Hire 214.24
Jan 2019
Parish Council Account


GA18185 J & M Payroll Services Jan – Wages, Tax & NI 4208.00
GA18186 Countrywide Grass Cutting – Jan 158.50
GA18187 J & M Payroll Services Payroll Services – Dec 27.00
GA18188 WBFC Grass Cutting – Dec 40.00
GA18189 Petty Cash Reimbursemt. (LW) Petrol, Calendar, Padlocks 41.25
GA18190 Cox Landscapes Timber & Screws 25.55
GA18191 CBC Emptying Dog/Litter Bins (Jan-Mar 19) 312.65
GA18192 Zurich Municipal Insurance Car Tax – EP03GFA & LK16EHY 662.10
GA18193 WBFC Chairman’s Fund donation – damaged light 50.00
GA18194 Mervyn Donnelly Allotment expenses 10.55
GA18195 David Hewitt Roundabout repairs – LD Field 42.10
GA18196 KingServ Website services & travel expenses 278.40
DD Barclays Charges/Loyalty Points (16.01 – 3.21) 12.80
Tfr PC to Hall Account MUGA Diary 7.75


Dec 2018
Orpen Hall Account
DD Colchester Skip Hire Waste removal – Nov 164.53
DD Colchester Skip Hire Allotment Skip Hire (to be trfd) 257.09
DD Eon Electricity – Nov 194.11
DD CNG Gas – Nov 411.10
DD Utility Warehouse Mobile, Electricity (MUGA) – Dec 74.09
HA18046 EKB Contracts Electrical work 144.74
HA18047 Drain Maintain Clearance of drain 216.00
HA18048 Zoe O Connor Hall cleaning – Dec 765.00
Tfr Hall to PC Account Wages – Dec 525.56
Jan 2019
Orpen Hall Account
DD Colchester Skip Hire Waste removal – Dec 168.90
DD Eon Electricity – Dec 333.76
DD CNG Gas – Dec 477.85
DD Utility Warehouse Mobile, Electricity (MUGA) – Jan 74.40
DD Barclays Charges/Loyalty Points (14.64 – 2.93) 11.71
HA18049 A-Z Supplies Toiletries & Cleaning Materials 107.90
HA18050 Zoe O Connor Hall cleaning – Jan 1071.00
HA18051 Victoria Beckwith-Cole Key, MUGA Diary 30.75
HA18052 Pro-Lock Orpen Hall Lock and Keys 288.50
HA18053 Pro-Lock 4 Additional Keys 38.00
HA18054 I M Beckwith General Jobs & Stage Curtains (9hrs) 135.00
HA18055 Travis Perkins Guttering 45.30
HA18056 EKB Contracts Replacement PIR LED to garage 71.46
Tfr Hall to PC Account Wages – Jan 525.56
Tfr Hall to PC Account Heathlands PTA – Fireworks 37/18-19 50.00


To agree the new Three-Year Plan (Option 3) as recommended by Finance Advisory Committee.

(Link to Three-Year Plan Options document)

Cllr Savage set the three possible options of the Three-Year Plan to the council. The main expense is the re-roofing of the Hall and although all three options contained financial provision to progress this project only option 3 would allow the roof work to be completed in one year. The three options had different implications for the precept.

RESOLVED – Option 3 consisting of the following projects in 2019-20:

Year 1: 2019-20  Option 3
Contribution to final phase of Orpen Memorial Hall re-roofing1 £20,000
Replacement Orpen Hall chairs £4,000
Tennis court repairs £1,500
Repairs to Orpen Hall complex external doors £1,000
Replace damaged bollards on Heath £500
Grants: (awarded by the Parish Council) £1,000
TOTAL £28,000

was proposed by Cllr Savage and seconded by Cllr Butcher. All in favour.

1 The final phase of the Orpen Memorial Hall re-roofing project has an estimated total cost of £80,000. A grant application will be made for £40,000.  £10,000 is already earmarked in the Parish Council Reserves and £10,000 is available in the Orpen Memorial Hall Account.  This totals £60,000. Therefore, to complete the project in 2019-20, £20,000 is required from the Parish Council (and other sources where a top-up is required) during Year 1.  This means that Option 3 is the only option that doesn’t require additional finances from other sources and completion in one year.


To approve the 2019-20 Precept and Budgets based on Three-Year Plan (Link to 2019-20 Precept and Budgets documents)

Option 3 results in a precept request of £94,500 from CBC.

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed to request £94,500 for the 2019-20 precept, Cllr Butcher seconded. All in favour.

ACTION – Clerk to submit completed precept form to Colchester Borough Council


To remind Councillors to submit their end of year expenses forms (signed)

Cllr Savage reminded councilors to please submit their end of year expenses forms to the Clerk and ensure they are signed.


To approve the Premises Committee recommendation to increase the Hall hire rates for the Orpen Hall

The only increase in hall hire rates is to the Orpen Hall, the John Lampon Hall rates are remaining the same or in fact being reduced to attract more bookings. Premises proposed the rates on the sheet circulated to the council, rounded up to the nearest pound.

RESOLVED – Cllr Harlow proposed to accept these new rates, Cllr Church seconded. All in favour.


To approve the increase in Village Bulletin advertising from £67 to £70 for village businesses and £89 to £94 for non-village businesses

RESOLVED – Cllr Stevenson proposed the modest rise in advertising charges to cover increased printing costs, Cllr Harlow seconded. All in favour.


To agree the £600 cost to remove a tree in the Lorkin Daniell Field

The first tree near 1 Henderson Place fell down in still weather, leaving a stump in the hedge. The plan is to remove stump and remove the neighbouring tree which is now unstable having lost its companion.

RESOLVED – Cllr Spencer proposed to approve the cost, Cllr Church seconded. All in favour.




The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 18th December 2018 were received and the decisions made on following applications were noted (Link to Planning P9 Dec 2018):

  • 182756 – 12 Mumford Close, CO6 3HY – Support – The Parish Council has no comment, except to suggest that the vehicle cross over is widened to allow easy access to the garage.
  • 182231 – 149 Chapel Road, CO6 3EZ – Observation – The Parish Council agree that a larger dwelling on this plot is acceptable, however in view of its dominant position on the corner of a busy junction this proposal is visually too wide and the roof pitch too shallow for the floor plan, out of keeping locally. The Council would suggest that the roof could be double pitched, with one being offset in order to minimise its impact.
  • 183024 – Roundwood, 48 Lexden Road, CO6 3BX – Object – The Parish Council has no issue with the erection of two dwellings on this site, as testified in their support of the previous application, however this new proposal will be very dominant in the street scene. It is quite a change from the existing bungalow and this particular design looks like it has been selected from a “pattern” book rather than designed for that location. In the latest application the ridges are approximately half a metre higher and the gables too shallow, not in the tradition of nearby properties. The Council would draw attention to the CBC-approved Village Design Statement, specifically DG7, DG12, DG13 and DG16.


The minutes of the Planning Committee meeting held on 16th January 2019 were received and the decisions made on following applications were noted (Link to Planning P10 Jan 2019):

  • 183021 – 70 Mumford Road, West Bergholt, CO6 3BL – Support – Cllrs Tyrrell and Stevenson both redeclared their interest. The Parish Council has no comment


The following recommendations from the Planning Committee at the meeting held on 16th January 2019 and via email of the late planning applications were approved as Decisions:

  • 190094 – Land at rear of 87 Albany Road, CO6 3LB – Support – The Parish Council has no comment.
  • 190101 – 23 Mumford Road, CO6 3HU – Support – The Parish Council has no comment.

RESOLVED – Cllr Butcher proposed that the council approve these recommendations as decisions, Cllr Savage seconded. All in favour.


Neighbourhood Plan

  Update on the Regulation 16 submission of the West Bergholt Neighbourhood Plan to Colchester Borough Council

The Neighbourhood Plan as now been submitted to CBC, there are links to a myriad of documents to support the Regulation 16 submission on the website. This has been a tremendous effort with a huge help received from CBC. Many thanks to Cllr Tyrrell for his work on the maps and to Dave Kingaby (webmaster) for the amazing amount of work done over the course of a day getting the website ready. Eight Ash Green have reached Reg 16 at the same time and their Plan is also now on the CBC website.

ACTION – Clerk to email all those residents who left their contact details at the exhibition to point them towards the website.

ACTION – Cllr Butcher to look at the site assessments with Clerk.

ACTION – Cllr Stevenson to produce information for the next Village Bulletin edition.


Cllr Butcher left the meeting at that point


Council Documents


To note the annual list of meetings dates (Link to Meeting Dates 2019)

The list of 2019 meeting dates was then noted by the council.


To agree the Council Action Plan 2019-20 (Link to Action Plan 2019-20)

A small amendment was made to the final item on the action plan.

RESOLVED – Cllr Stone then proposed to approve the amended plan, Cllr Church seconded. All in favour.


To approve West Bergholt Parish Council’s Community Engagement Policy & Strategy (Link to WBPC Community Engagement Policy)

RESOLVEDCllr Spencer proposed to approve the Community Engagement Policy, Cllr Stevenson seconded. All in favour.


To approve West Bergholt Parish Council’s Training & Development Policy (Link to WBPC Training & Development Policy)

RESOLVEDCllr Savage proposed to approve the Training Policy, Cllr Stone seconded. All in favour.


To review and ratify the current West Bergholt Parish Council Equality & Diversity, Grievance and Disciplinary Policies (Link to current WBPC Equality, Grievance & Disciplinary Policies)

The council reviewed and agreed to ratify the current Equality, Grievance and Disciplinary policies.

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed to approve the policies, Cllr Short seconded. All in favour.


Local Council Award Scheme


West Bergholt Parish Council confirms at a meeting of the full Council that the following documentation (items 1-15 for Foundation level and 24-33 for Quality level, 34-41 for Quality Standard level) has been achieved and are on the Council’s website. (Link to Local Council Award Resolution in full)

Application for the Award Scheme is due in on the 8th Feb ready to go to the Accreditation Panel on the 15th Feb.

RESOLVED – Cllr Stevenson proposed to approve the resolution, Cllr Savage seconded. All in favour.

ACTION – Cllrs Savage and Stone to help the Clerk complete and submit the form.


Environment and Highways


The minutes from the Environment Committee meeting held on 10th January 2019 were received. (Link to Environment P10 Jan 2019)

AMENDMENT – to Environment P10 Jan 2019 minutes. Item 17 Potholes in Armoury Road – the potholes referred to were along the Armoury Farm section of the Road, which is privately owned and maintained.

Handymen have been re-setting the loose bollards on the entries to the Lorkin Daniell Field. Have received and accepted a quote for replacing 9 bollards around the Heath in front of the school. The gorse will be cut on the Heath as part of the management plan.

ACTION – Clerk to make signs in advance to inform residents that this work will be taking place and send a copy to Cllr Stone.

ACTION – Cllr Stone to inform the school that the bollards are to be replaced.


To approve the siting and costs involved with a new dog waste bin in the Bourne Road area

Cllr Barber brought to the council’s attention the lack of dog waste bins in the Bourne Road area of the village. The Environment Committee discussed this matter and recommended that a bin should be sited on the grass triangle at Bourne Road. Approximate costs are £120 for the bin and £8/quarter for CBC to empty it.

ACTION – Clerk to check with CBC, if we purchase one will they replace it when necessary.

RESOLVED – Cllr Spencer proposed to approve the purchase, Cllr Stone seconded. All in favour.

ACTION – Fly tipping has been an issue with the bin on the corner of Mumford/Chapel Road, this is for discussion at next Environment meeting and Clerk to ask CBC if they could replace it with a covered version in the meantime.

ACTION – The bin at the end of Cooks Hall Road has been burnt – Clerk to check and report to CBC if replacement required.


To approve the supply, delivery & installation of the replacement bus shelter on Lexden Road with all costs covered by the First Bus loss adjusters.

Received £7537 from insurance company for damaged Lexden Road bus shelter. Littlethorpe have quoted for supply and delivery of a narrow roof Eaton bus shelter £5520, installation from ECC recommended contractor £1350, £15 for Street Works form coming to a total of £6885, meaning no loss of money to Parish Council.

RESOLVED – Cllr Spencer proposed to approve the supply, delivery and installation quotes, Cllr Stone seconded. All in favour.

ACTION – Clerk will let contractor know tomorrow that council accepts his quote and will co-ordinate delivery of order from Littlethorpe.

Cllr Stevenson added that the Council may still write to First Buses to complain about how this has been handled and the amount of work time this has taken.


Premises and Recreation


The minutes from the Premises Committee meeting held on 7th January 2019 were received. (Link to Premises P10 Jan 2019)


Community Special Constable


To approve the Special Police Services Agreement between the Chief Constable of Essex Police and West Bergholt Parish Council

RESOLVED – Cllr Savage proposed to approve the agreement, Cllr Tyrrell seconded. All in favour.

ACTION – Cllrs Stone and Butcher to work on the Community Safety Plan




To discuss and agree the outstanding actions on the webmaster’s last monthly website report

Dave Kingaby has done a great job on the work for the Local Council Award Scheme and the Neighbourhood Plan submission.

With regards the outstanding actions on his monthly website report:

  1. Village Correspondent – the search continues
    Youthful element (BYG) – Cllr Stone will get in touch with Jamie Bowden
  2. Dropbox – sorted
  3. If Cllrs spot any problems or errors on the website, then let Dave know
  4. (Webmaster)
  5. Again Cllrs & Clerk to let Dave know
  6. Note – not up to that capacity at the moment
  7. Monthly or Daily traffic analysis – daily please.

Dave investigating monthly digest of news items – pdf documents and circulate

ACTION – require approximately three lines from each member for their Councillor Profiles and Clerk to remind Cllrs Butcher and Gili-Ross as not present at meeting.



  It was noted that the training/networking undertaken during the last month by Councillors or the Clerk:

  • CBC Clerk’s Forum – LW – 17th Jan 2019

ACTION – Clerk to circulate Election presentation once received.


Items to Note

  a)       Correspondence Log – Jan 2019

  • Tree on LD Field – PS drafting letter
  • RCCE Village of the Year 2019 – HS & NS drafting entry
  • Great British Spring Clean – School wish to partake on Fri 5th Apr – will contact Zone Warden. Will do large litter pick in village a couple of weeks after that.
  • Superfast Essex – another meeting required for MH, AS & CS
  • Highways Devolution – Briefing on 4th Feb – CS & DS attending
  • Neigh Plan – Green Spaces – confirmation from Church
  • Electoral Notice – will put up to advertise next month’s meeting

b)       Crime Statistics – 12th Nov 2018 – 20th Jan 2019 – 3 crimes reported

Available on table at meeting:      

c)       RCCE – Essex Warbler – Vol.s 16 & 17 – Nov 2018 & Jan 2019

d)       EALC – Legal Update – No.s 9 &10 – Dec &Jan 2019

e)       Essex Highways – Highways Highlights – Dec 2018

f)       The Clerk Magazine – Vol. 50 No.1 – Jan 2019

g)       Clerks & Councils Direct – Issue 121 – Jan 2019

h)       The Essex Playing Field – Winter 2018/19

i)       Essex Police – Colchester District Statistics – Nov 2018


In Committee

  Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).
  No matters discussed


Date of Next Meeting

  Next Parish Council Meeting, Wednesday 27th February 2019 at 7.30pm in John Lampon Hall, Lexden Rd, West Bergholt
  Meeting closed at 9.05pm
Signed: Date: Position on Council:


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