Planning & Development Committee – 14th September 2016

Notes & Decisions of the Planning and Development Committee Meeting

Held on Wed 14th September 2016 at the John Lampon Hall at 7.30pm

Planning Committee Members: Bob Tyrrell (Chair), Brian Butcher (Vice Chair), Murray Harlow, Andrew Savage, Chris Stevenson, Phil Cook & Laura Walkingshaw (Parish Clerk)
Members of the Parish Council: John Gili-Ross, Jenny Church, Phil Spencer
Next meeting:
Wed 19th Oct 2016 in the J L Hall
Apologies: M. Leggett, J. Crichton
Members of the public present: 7 Members of the Public
Declarations of Interest: None

It is the aim of the Parish Council to seek a high standard of design for all new developments and extensions in the Village.

Item 1:         To receive any pre-application representations regarding proposed planning applications

None were received.

Item 2:         Current planning applications:

No Planning Applications have been received.

Item 3.         Other matters:

a)   Review of Village Design Statement

Action – CS to send LW a Word copy of the Village Design Statement, rather than the pdf that she currently has.

b)   Review Planning Decisions – Planning Decisions were reviewed:

  • Laborne, Chapel Lane – Approved Conditional
  • 39 Lexden Road – Approved Conditional


  • 43 Colchester Road
  • 42 Albany Road

With regards Donard House, this has highlighted the need to impose conditions to stop the infilling of garages which result in the property being left only 1 parking space, contributing to on-road obstructions. Borough Councillor Jarvis commented that this topic remains a continuing debate at Colchester Borough Council.

Item 4.            Colchester Local Plan Consultation: approval of the response from West Bergholt Parish Council.

Councillor Butcher read through the draft response letter from West Bergholt Parish Council and the Neighbourhood Steering Group to Colchester Borough Council’s Draft Local Plan. The main comments were:

  • A couple of additions have been added from Cllr Savage and two Questionnaires attached.
  • The maps to accompany the letter are okay for now, but the specifics can be taken up through the Neighbourhood Plan later.
  • There were concerns about the coalescence of housing coming from the other side of the A12 (over the blue bridge), comments will be added to reflect this. It was also noted that it is the Braiswich/Myland referendum tomorrow.
  • It was noted that the Special Landcape Areas continue outside of our boundaries, through Fordham and beyond.

Agreed – Cllr Stevenson proposed that the Parish Council accept the wording in the response, with the minor amendments added as discussed, Cllr Savage seconded. All in favour.

Action – Cllr Butcher will get the two maps added, as well as the latest comments and be ready for submitting to Planning Policy on 16th September, possibly with submission online too.

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