Minutes of Parish Council 28th January 2015

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 28th January 2015 at 7.30p.m.

Chair John Gili-Ross
Parish Councillors Present Brian Butcher, Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Rachel Howard, Rosemary James, Andrew Savage, Chris Stevenson, Harry Stone, Bob Tyrrell
Parish Clerk Val Walsom
Borough Councillors Councillor Harrington
Present: 1 member of the public

Part I – Public

1.    Receive Apologies

Apologies were received from Phil Walby and Councillor Willetts.

2.    Questions from registered electors

Mr Kay for the Scout Group updated the situation with regard to the Licence.  The Scout solicitor has agreed the terms of the Licence and are putting it forward to the Scout Association for signing within the next few days.

3.    Receive items for information not on the agenda, which in the opinion of the Chairman should be brought to the attention of the Council

JGR gave an update on the planned upgrade to the community Broadband service in the village and the upgrade has yet to be completed.

4.    Declarations of Interest

Chris Stevenson declared an interest in items relating to Essex County Council.

Brian Butcher declared an interest in a planning application.

5.    Minutes

Minutes of the Parish Council meeting held on Wednesday 26th November 2014 were approved and signed with no amendments.

6.    Report for Colchester Borough Councillors

Councillor Harrington advised of his concern about the length of time it is taking to travel to West Bergholt via North Station because of road works in the station area and the closure of Bakers Lane.  Also, Chitts Hill is in a terrible state and is deteriorating.  Councillor Rodney Bass has been invited by Cllr Brown to attend and look at the state of the village roads.  This visit is planned for February.

The Kinkhams Barn planning application for a change of use from light to heavy engineering has been refused and will go to appeal.  If the appeal is upheld then the change of use will continue.

The Zone Warden has advised that a resident has asked him for a dog bin on the Lorkin Daniell Playing field.  Such a request should have gone to the PC as trustees of the land however the request would have been rejected as dogs are not allowed on the field.  Councillor Harrington will look at the possibility of installing a dog bin in the area of the Pocket Park. This would need to be paid for by the Parish Council.

One third of the Borough Councillors will be up for election this year including Councillor Harrington.  Next year due to the planned Boundary changes and reduction of Borough Councillors all will be up for election.

7.    Finance

a)  Statement of Accounts for November/December 2014

The accounts for November/December 2014 were presented as follows:

The General Account showed 93% income, 73% general expenditure, 66% environment expenditure and 71% expenditure overall.

The Hall Account showed 83% income and 74% expenditure.

b)  Draw cheques

It was proposed by CS and seconded by AS to make the following payments:

Payment Details Expense Purpose Amount
General Account
Norhurst Landscapes Pond clearing 100.00
David Kingaby Additional work for website 322.50
Mail Boxes Etc. Village Bulletin 744.00
TCV Pond clearing 480.00
John Gili-Ross Post for beacon 88.52
Rachel Howard Refreshments for NP meeting 17.40
Inland Revenue Tax November 176.20
Val Walsom Annual phone/broadband costs 205.94
Countrywide Grass cutting 220.00
Alison Eardley Consulting NP Consultation work 3390.00
Inland Revenue Tax December 176.20
Val Walsom Payroll software 79.20
Orpen Hall Account
Mike’s Cleaning Cleaning 567.00
AtoZ Supplies Linking clips for chairs 258.98
G W Commercial Replace taps and thermostat 255.31
S J Andrews Electrical work 141.48
Mike’s Cleaning Cleaning 540.00
Pest Destruction Services Rodent control 108.00
PRS Performing Rights Licence 801.55
Vicky Beckwith-Cole Cleaning materials 3.98
Roberts Cleaning Serv Window cleaning 30.00

Salary payments were made to Val Walsom and Stephen Cook from the General Account and Vicky Beckwith-Cole from the Hall Account.

[Click to view: Summary Accounts November/December 2014]

c)  Approval of 2015/2016 Precept and Budgets

This year we have had an increase of the equivalent of 42 Band D properties for Precept Purposes.  The grant from CBC has been reduced to £3102.  Essex County Council and Colchester Borough Council are subject to a 2% increase cap and will receive an increase in government grant in certain cases. Parish Councils will not be subject to a cap this year.

AS presented differing scenarios for consideration by the PC for this year’s Precept.

The following comments were made:

  • The cost of the hall car park refurbishment has reduced the reserves.
  • The hall roof is looking like it may need some work done in the near future
  • Grant support from Colchester BC is to be further reduced.
  • We currently have one of the lower levels of precept compared to other Parish Councils in the Borough
  • Availability of capital grant schemes across Essex has significantly reduced.
  • We need to consider what will be in the best interests for parishioners this year and next.

Proposed by JC and Seconded by BT to increase the precept to £55,443.  Seven councillors voted for the proposal and there were 2 abstentions.

This would equate to an increase in a Band D Property Tax payment of less than £7 a year.

It was then proposed by AS and seconded by CS to approve the Parish Council and the Orpen Hall Budget.

d)  Scout Hut Licence and rent update

This was discussed at Item 2 above.

8.    Traffic Safety Plan

Chris Stevenson declared an interest in this item.

The Traffic Safety Plan parking restrictions have been signed off and we are waiting for the work to take place.  There is no progress with regard to the 20mph limit, partly due to finding suitable locations to erect the signage in School Lane.  JGR has been asked to consult with ECC Highways on this matter.

It was reported that there is generally a problem with parking on roads around the village.

9.    Clerk’s Items to Note

a)  Attendance at CALC Meeting on 5th March where the Essex Police Commissioner will be the guest speaker

JGR, HS, MH, RH, CS and RJ to attend.

b)  Annual Parish Meeting – 25th March 2015

The Neighbourhood Plan will be the main focus of the meeting.  Village organisations and volunteers to be invited to the meeting.  The main hall has been booked.  Committee reports need to be available for the Clerk by the beginning of March.  Refreshments will be provided.

c)  Voting mechanism for future role of Chair

EALC introduced a new procedure for voting for the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer roles which was successfully implemented in 2014.  JGR suggested that this PC follows the same procedure – nominations are invited and then, if necessary, Councillors will vote on these positions at the PC meeting in May.

10.   Planning

a)  To note decisions for Planning Applications

Decisions made at the Planning Committee meeting held on 21st January 2015:

Planning Application:

  • 146512 – 1 Valley View – The PC supports the application with no comments.
  • 146495 – Bracken Cottage, Scarletts Chase – The PC supports the application with no comments.
  • 146570 – 41 Lexden Road – The PC supports the application with no comments.
  • 146546 – Wickhams, Bures Road – The PC made the following observations: It is noted that a neighbouring householder has written in asking for the Stable to be moved further away from his house – the PC would support him in this aspiration and trust that the Borough Council investigates this possibility with the applicant.
  • 150026 – 1 Armoury Far Cottages, Armoury Road – The PC supports the application with no comments.
To approve comments on Planning Application No. 150068 – 33a Albany Road –

Brian Butcher declared an interest in this application.

It was proposed by AS, seconded by CS and approved by all to support the application with no comments.

Other matters

  • Colchester Borough Council’s new local plan consultations has started. – The committee noted the documentation being made available for the consultation, and also the dates for the exhibitions. It was resolved to visit the exhibitions and respond to the consultation.  It was noted that the timing fits in well with the Neighbourhood Plan consultation, which will follow on from the CBC consultations.
  • A concern about a felled tree on a property in Cooks Hall Lane has been dealt with.
  • Concerns were expressed concerning an oak tree in Lexden Road near the bus stop is being monitored.
  • The White Hart is being managed by Crown Inns. Land behind the pub has been put up for sale.

b)  Neighbourhood Plan – Report

CBC is consulting on its new Local Plan.  Exhibitions are being held at various locations and for West Bergholt residents this will be Gt Horkesley on 31st January 2015 between 10am and 2pm.

It is planned that the next stage NP consultation will take place in March at the APM on 25th March and further exhibitions during April.  Organisations will be given the opportunity to discuss the Neighbourhood Plan throughout the consultation period.  Preparation for this consultation period is very labour intensive.  The PC has been asked to store exhibit bill boards.

11.   Environment and Highways

a)  Wording on plaque for beacon

The following wording was agreed:

Beacon No. 987 of 4,200 worldwide commemorating Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee on 4th June 2012.  The beacon was generously donated and manufactured by Adrian Leach a proud West Bergholt resident.

12.   Premises and Recreation

a)  Linking clips for chairs in hall

The correct linking clips have now been purchased and are working well.  Users will be shown how to use them correctly.

b)  Installation of synthetic turf in practice goal area on the Lorkin Daniell field

This project is being completed.

c)  Football club access onto MUGA for retrieval of balls

The Football club will be issued with the combination number on a regular basis.

d)  Outcome of Community Ageing Service visit

The Community Ageing Service visited a resident in the village with a successful outcome.

e)  Request to allow circus on Poors Land

This was refused due to existing bookings on the land.

13.   Communications

A resident in Hall Road has complained, via the West Bergholt face book page about flooding.  Clearing of ditches and drains is the responsibility of the land owner and it is unlikely that ECC will carry out this work.

Items to Note

  • CBC – Local Framework – Development Policies and Core Strategy
  • CBC – Local Plan – Issues and Options
  • RCCE – Oyster – Winter 2014
  • NHS Care Closer to Home/Urgent Care Consultation document
  • LCR – Winter 2014
  • RCCE – Village Halls Update – December 2014
  • Clerks and Councils Direct – January 2015

Part II – In Committee

Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).

There were no matters discussed.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 28th January 2015 at 7.30p.m.

The meeting closed at 9:25p.m.



Signed:                            Date:                              Position on Parish Council


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