Minutes of Parish Council 23rd April 2014

Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting

Held in the John Lampon Hall on 23rd April 2014 at 7.30p.m.

Chair John Gili-Ross
Parish Councillors Present Jenny Church, Murray Harlow, Rachel Howard, Rosemary James, Andrew Savage, Chris Stevenson, Harry Stone and Bob Tyrrell
Parish Clerk Val Walsom
Borough Councillors Councillor Harrington, Councillor Willetts
Present: Brian Butcher and 3 Members of the Public

Part I – Public

1.     Receive Apologies

Apologies were received from David Short.

2.     Questions from registered electors

Peter Cox, Chairman of the 1st West Bergholt Scout Group advised that he is keen to work with the Parish Council to agree a way forward.  The association would like the PC to reconsider its letter dated 17th April and asked if the PC is able to consider renewing the Lease.  They have now taken legal advice and based on this advice the Scouts consider that the PC should agree to a new Lease on a similar basis to the previous agreement with the exception of the rent which they would agree at £260 per annum.

John Gili-Ross advised that discussions regarding the Scouts must be moved to a closed session as the result of a solicitor’s letter acting on behalf of the 1st West Bergholt Scouts Group.  A cheque received for £20, being the outstanding rent for the last two years, will be returned to the Scouts.

3.     Receive items for information not on the agenda, which in the opinion of the Chairman should be brought to the attention of the Council

No items were received.

4.     Declarations of Interest

Chris Stevenson declared an interest in Items 8 and 12 relating to Highways.

Bob Tyrrell has an interest in a Planning Issue in item 11.

5.     Minutes

Minutes of the Council meeting held on Wednesday 26th March 2014 were approved and signed.

6.     Report for Colchester Borough Councillors

Councillor Harrington gave the following report:

The Planning Application for the Kebab stall is to be heard by the Planning Committee on 24th April at 6pm.  A petition supporting the application containing 177 signatures, several from people outside the village, has been sent to CBC.  A petition against the application containing 66 signatures has also been sent.

Work on drainage in Cooks Hall Road has finally been completed.

Councillor Harrington has asked the Police to look into the heavy vehicles abusing the weight limit on Newbridge.

7.     Finance

a) Statement of Accounts for March 2014

The accounts for March 2014 (end of the financial year) were presented as follows:

The General Account showed 103% income, 69% general expenditure, 89% environment expenditure and 76% expenditure overall.

The Hall Account showed 114% income and 94% expenditure.

b) Draw cheques

It was proposed by AS and seconded by HS to make the following payments:

Payment Details Expense Purpose Amount
General Account
Collier and Catchpole Macadam 89.63
EALC Affiliation Fee 557.72
Countrywide Grass cutting 220.00
David Short Materials for Duck house 55.88
NALC LCR Subscription renewal 17.00
Inland Revenue Tax/NI 176.00
G Dolden Associates Project Management – Hall car park 251.90
V Walsom Gifts for Gary Walls 41.99
Kelvedon Parish Council Poppy seeds 8.40
Orpen Hall Account
Mike’s Cleaning Cleaning 572.00
RCCE Annual Subscription 48.00
CBC Annual Rates 187.98
Anglian Water Annual Water Rates 637.73
AtoZ Supplies Wall ashtray/cleaning materials 177.12
Roberts Cleaning Window cleaning 30.00
Vicky Beckwith-Cole Cleaning materials 27.50

Salary payments were made to Val Walsom and Stephen Cook from the General Account and Vicky Beckwith-Cole from the Hall Account.

[Click to view Summary Accounts – Summary Accounts March 2014]

c) County Broadband update

A grant from the Community Initiatives Fund could be applied for.  The application would need to be made by 26th September.  Expressions of interest by 29th August.

d) Scout Hut Licence and rent update

To be discussed in closed session.

e) Financial Regulations

Financial Regulations have been re drafted to reflect this Parish Council and these will be approved at the meeting in June together with the Standing Orders and Terms of Reference.  The Terms of Reference from each committee will be drawn up in the same format based on that of the Planning committee.

Other Issues

Internal Auditor – It was agreed to appoint Pat Fosker as the internal auditor.

8.     Traffic Safety Plan

Chris Stevenson declared an interest in this item.

The drop pavement has been built at the Lexden Road end of New Church Road giving better visibility.  There is nothing further to report at this time.

John Gili-Ross commented that the current measures have not necessarily made the area safer.

9.     Update on Orpen Memorial car park project

We will be seeking like for like quotes from Cants and another company to include areas not covered by the original quote.  G Dolden and Associates will be asked to facilitate this.

10.    Clerk’s Items to Note

a)    Review of Terms of Reference

See Item 7 above

b)   Essex Highways – Chitts Hill Closure – overnight closures planned from 20th April 2014

c)    Annual Parish Meeting – To discuss format

Letters distributed to invite volunteer.  Refreshments will be available.  Reports for the Annual Report to be sent to the Clerk by 30th April.

d)   EALC Services 2014

e)   EALC Courses – Health & Safety HABC Level 2 Award – 13/05/14

Allotments Day – 20/05/14

Planning Day – 05/06/14

11.    Planning

a) To approve comments and decisions for Planning Applications (Reports from the Planning Committee’s meetings on 16th April 2014 were received):

Bob Tyrrell expressed an interest in this item.

To approve comments for Planning Applications:

  • 142919 – 2 Bourne Road – observations – The windows of the proposed extension should match the existing ones on the main building.
  • 142932 – 126 Colchester Road – The application was supported with no comments.
Other Issues:

The owners of 66 Lexden Road attended the Planning meeting to discuss ideas for a potential planning application ahead of its submission to the Borough Council.  The Parish Council gave advice without prejudice.

b) Neighbourhood Plan – Report

The Steering committee hopes to have something to go out to the community i.e. aims and objectives of the plan by the autumn.

12.    Environment and Highways

Chris Stevenson declared an interest in any items relating to Highways

a) Terms of Reference

See Item 7 above.

13.    Premises and Recreation

a) Terms of Reference

See Item 7 above.

14.    War Memorial

Report from Working Party

Boydens has taken this up with their directors who have agreed to fund any repairs.  There has been no response from the other party involved.  Poppy Seeds have been received and will be scattered in appropriate areas – around the Village Sign, the Queens Head Pond, entries to the village and the War Memorial.  Scattering close to gardens should be avoided.

The Environment working party would like a memorial stone commemorating, but not naming, all who served in the first and second world wars.  A site is to be discussed by the Environment working party.

15.    Emergency Planning

The Emergency Planning working party has written a draft Emergency Plan which was distributed.  A register of the vulnerable people of the village needs to be drawn up and a core number of volunteers will be needed to implement the Plan.  The role of the school needs to be ascertained.

The first point of contact would be the Clerk.

Items to Note

  1. The Essex Playing Field
  2. EALC County Update – March 2014

Part II – In Committee

Matters taken in the absence of Press and Public (Public (Admissions to Meetings) Act 1960) as the item contains exempt information as defined by the Local Government Act 1972 Sch. 12a Pt (1).

A discussion took place regarding the Scout Association’s refusal to accept a Licence.

Date of Next Meeting

Wednesday 21st May 2014 at 7.00p.m. – Annual Parish Meeting

Wednesday 28th May 2014 at 7.30p.m. – Parish Council Meeting

The meeting closed at 9:20p.m.


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