New Speeding & Parking Initiative

Speeding & parking initiative using TrygveNew Speeding & Parking Initiative

Following the recent Traffic Safety Group meeting, a new initiative has been launched to help reduce parking & speeding issues in and around West Bergholt. Based on a free community safety App, Trygve, users can share and receive local incident information in real time.  This information can be as detailed as you want including pictures and GPS location but should always include:

  • Date.
  • Time.
  • Where (did it happen).
  • What (was the issue).

Using the App will allow the group to measure the number of incidents and identify hot spots.

Already in use in many communities in the UK, a Neighbourhood watch coordinator using it in his community has said:

The Trygve interface is easy to understandThe app has not only been good at creating a community, but we have also been able to help with a few incidents of anti-social behaviour and thefts, by being able to pass more information onto police.  It can help map any crime trends, and make users aware of areas they may want to be more alert.

It is an easier and quicker way for the community to communicate with each other as Facebook is not as instant as this app, nor can it use GPS as accurately.  I am proud to co-ordinate our group and use my skills from my job to share more safety tips.

You can download Trygve to Android or iPhone devices; there is also a mobile friendly web-version for other mobiles and devices.

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