Help relieve traffic congestion

Keep the roads around the school clear for safety, avoid congestion
Keep the roads around the school clear for safety

The Parish Council has recently been consulting on proposals to improve traffic safety in the village, especially around the area of the school at the starting and finishing times of the school day.  There are major problems with parking and traffic congestion.

We would like to ask those parents who need to drive their children to school to make use of the car park at the Treble Tile or the Orpen Hall car park and then walk the children the short distance to the school.  When using the pub car park the parents can then access the footpath along the side of Poors Land to walk their children safely to school. This would greatly help to reduce the congestion around the school roads.

We are grateful for the cooperation of the Treble Tile in allowing the use of their car park.

More details of other traffic safety measures can be seen in the recently adopted New Church Road Traffic Safety Plan.

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