Environment & Highways – 7th December 2017

Environment & Highways – 7th December 2017

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 7th December and discussed a range of issues such as winter tasks & projects, handymen, allotments, heath barrier, ponds, Argents Lane, bus stop and heath ecology.

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thurs 7th December 2017 in Orpen Hall

Sub-committee members present Philip Spencer, Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, Janet Crichton, David Short, Jenny Church.
Apologies John Gili Ross
In attendance Chris Stevenson



Items from last meeting

a)   Repair of Duck House roof on hold until weather improves.
b)   Strimmer has been repaired by Doe’s
c)    Practice goal – goal posts tested and are safe. The stanchions will need grinding down. Sportsafe have assessed for safety – we await a report. A longer area of astroturf is needed to make the kicking area safe. At least 2 quotes should be requested for this. Murray to follow this up and also ask advice from Mick Bell. MH
d)   Application for grant from Local Services Fund – we await a response to this request.


Winter Projects

a)   New Storage unit – equipment has been moved in. Garage doors are on order. These will be fitted in January. Premises need to do an audit of items stored.  
b)   Ride-on mower is due for a service. Phil will look into this. PS
c)    Hedge cutting equipment needs servicing Harry to check this with David. HS & DH
d)   Distribution of salt – Harry and David to organise with teams of helpers. HS & DH
e)   Clear area of Heather on Heath. Phil will arrange this. PS
f)     Concrete base at new storage unit will be left until better weather. Wire mesh will need to be placed along bottom of unit to prevent leaves etc blowing in.
g)    Lorkin Daniel field – branches and twigs need removing from grass by bottom hedge so football club can mow in Spring – Harry will check on this. HS


h)   Tree survey – Phil to send copy to Chris. Trees need surveying for safety purposes. PS


Handymen work

a)   Bus shelter by Methodist Church needs some cleaning. DH
b)   Play equipment needs to be up to safety requirements – new spring rocker to be installed. New matting needs settling in. HS and Handymen
c)    Install new gate to storage unit – branches behind unit need trimming – purchase anti- climb paint.  
d)   Floor outside JL Hall by back door needs repair. Lino outside bowls cupboard, under radiator needs repair whilst Bluebells are on leave.  
e)   Steps in church need attention – this would be half a day work for David.  



Harry reported that most rents are in which were due in October.


Wooden Barrier at entrance to Heath

Meeting with the school raised their concerns about the height. Chris suggested that for reasons of good neighbourliness the situation is addressed. Harry to ask David Hewitt if it is possible to reduce the height without diminishing effectiveness. HS & DH


Village ponds

a)   Hall Road Pond has had back trees and hedging trimmed back by TCV. The spoil was removed by Norhurst. The pond has been dredged by Seven Arches Farm. Half of the spoil was taken in a skip by CSH free of charge. The rest will be left to drain as much as possible and removed to be spread on field by Seven Arches Farm.
b)   TCV will come on 17th December to carry out work on Lexden Road Pond.
c)    There are 2 future dates in January when TCV will carry out any outstanding planned work on all 3 ponds. The spoil will be removed by Norhurst.
d)   Willow tree by Queen’s Road pond needs attention. Phil will organise for a tree surgeon to inspect. A letter needs to be sent to the resident who wrote about the problem. PS



Argents Lane

Traffic signage to deter HGVs from using the lane is needed. One at the top and one at the bottom. Chris proposed to ask Anne Brown to follow this up. He will get Laura to write letters to Anne and Mr Coppin. CDS


Bus stop

The bus often does not stop here even though it is not specifically a request stop. Harry will follow this up. HS


Ecological Survey of Heath

A management plan is required for the Heath. Phil will arrange proposals for this. PS
Date of next meeting – Thurs. 11th January 2018 5.30pm, Orpen Hall
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