Environment & Highways – 13th November 2014

The Environment & Highways Sub-Committee of West Bergholt Parish Council met on 13th November to consider a range of issues and decisions affecting the general environment and highways within West Bergholt.  Updates on hedge cutting, handymen, weeds, village ponds, Traffic safety, pot-holes, dog bins, beacon, budget & McNally Mews.  The formal report to the Parish Council is as follows:

Environment & Highways Report

Sub-committee Meeting held on Thursday 13th November 2014 in John Lampon Hall

Councillors present  Harry Stone, Murray Harlow, Jenny Church, Phil Walby, Rosemary James
Apologies Rachel Howard

Andrew Savage attended part of meeting

1 Hedge cutting
The hedge cutting and bramble mowing has been carried out and has been very well done. The CBC sweeper followed on and cleared the trimmings. Verges still need attention particularly along New Church Road. HS
2 Village handyman
The use of a chit book appears to be working. Unfortunately, Ivor has been called for jury service so some jobs are waiting attention at the moment. PW
3 Overgrowth of weeds on footways
There has been an incident in New Church Road when a resident slipped on wet vegetation on the footway and broke an arm. Need to ensure village handyman or CBC Rangers keep footways as clear as possible at this time of year when it is wet and there are fallen leaves etc.
4 Village Ponds
The Queens Road pond has been cleared today. Arrange for Norhurst to clear away the cuttings.The Lexden Road pond will be cleared on November 23rd and the Hall Road pond will have to be left until the new year. JC
5. Traffic Safety Plan
The plan is apparently going ahead after it has been signed off for progress. HS
6 Pot Holes
Increase in road markings but no work carried out as yet.
7 Dog bin
A bin is required for the Brewery site – check with Val if this has been ordered. Val
8. Beacon
The beacon has not been put back in place – to check with Chris about this. JC
A plaque needs to be ordered to go on the beacon – Murray to organise this. MH
Agenda item
9 Areas of work in village
Plan to produce a map showing sites of our responsibility in the village. HS
10 Budget for next year.
Andrew discussed preparation of budget for next year. He will forward a copy of agreed budget to sub committee AS
11 McNally Mews
Thanks to Chris for researching the issue raised by Ashley Yates. The request for tree and hedge planting in the area appears to be in accordance with the covenant and there seems to be no objection to be made to this request. Agenda Item
13 AOB
Rosemary requested information about a drainage problem caused by tree roots for a resident recently coming to the village. She will contact CBC for advice and information. RJ
Date of next meeting to be notified
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