Crime Reports & Advice – January 2017

Essex Police - Protecting against Rogue TradersCrime Reports & Advice – January 2017

Crime Reports

Theft or Unauthorised Taking of a Pedal Cycle at sometime between 24th December and 10th January – Colchester Road

Suspect(s) unknown have gained entry to the victims rear garden via a low level fence located at the bottom of the victims garden. Suspect has then removed an insecure pedal cycle that was propped up against the rear of the victim’s property by means unknown.

Theft From a Motor Vehicle overnight on 16th January – Lexden Road

Suspects unknown have gained entry by unknown means to victims van and removed tools from within.

See Police advisory note below.

Theft of a motor vehicle between evening of 22nd and morning of 24th January – Lexden Road

Suspects unknown have removed secure vehicle from the location. Victim has all sets of car keys.

Crime Advice & Information

Theft from Motor Vehicles

Cars and vans are frequently broken into, a lot of these are from vehicles shown as being insecure, and these are preventable by just locking them. Below are some tips that may prevent you from becoming a victim:

You might also like to register your property on  this is a completely free service. Please visit the website for more information.

  • DON’T tempt thieves by leaving any items on display.
  • DO CLEAN THE SAT NAV RING off the windscreen.
  • DO TURN BLUETOOTH OFF anything left in the car – it can be detected when on.
  • DO lock your vehicle at all times, even when parked on your driveway or when carrying out any work.
  • DO consider fitting additional locks on van doors
  • DO PARK REAR DOORS ON VANS up against garage doors or other to prevent access.
  • DO NOT just press the button on your fob to lock it – Look at your car to see the lights flash etc… to confirm locking; someone may be nearby with a “remote blocker” and stop your car from locking.
  • If you don’t have an alarm, consider getting one fitted.
  • DO try to park in a secure, well lit area where possible
  • If using a public car park – Try to use a “Parkmark” approved car park

The following items are of particular interest to a thief so should never be left in your vehicle:

  • Satellite navigation,
  • MP3 systems,
  • Mobile phones,
  • Laptops,
  • Wallets/ purses/ credit and debit cards,
  • Cash/ cheque book,
  • Electrical items,
  • Jewellery,
  • Power tools and work equipment,
  • Vehicle registration documents.

Empty your car before someone else does.



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