Community First Responders On Recruitment Drive!

The village’s Community First Responders (CFRs) met last night at their monthly meeting to discuss the months past events and to plan their new PR and recruitment campaign. Although not much interest from adults was gained from the stall at the recent Village Fayre, the quiz was enjoyable and there was a generous donation which the CFRs gratefully received. However the main concern is that, with unfilled gaps in the rota, the group could be missing life-saving calls; therefore one of their aims for the second half of the year is to double their numbers by Christmas and to get the rota fully covered.

Could You Do It?
Many people in the Village think they don’t have time to be a CFR but what they don’t realise is that they can be ‘on call’ whilst still going about their business in the Village. In fact the rota for the coming month is nearly 70% full in the overnight shift as many of the volunteers have the phone on whilst they are asleep and are willing to jump in the car and attend a call should there be ‘a shout.’ The group want to promote the flexibility and the ease of being a CFR and will be asking the village to liken being a volunteer to being in the RNLI, i.e. you are willing to be called but you don’t have to sit in by the phone you can get on with your life! More information will be coming out in and around the village in the coming months, but should anyone want more information they can contact Annie Neish the village co-ordinator on 240469 or come along to a meeting. The meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 50 New Church Road.

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