BYGging it up for our Youth

BYG LogoBYGging it up for our Youth

After fears that BYG would close after 10 years the following great news has come from the groups AGM last week.

BYG’s AGM took place on Thursday 12th October and it was feared that, after almost 10 years, the Village would see the end of its popular Youth Club as long-serving committee members retired.  The fear was particularly heightened when the start time of the AGM  approached and nobody new had turned up.  Then, in a rush, bang on time, hope was restored.

Good Attendance

Over 20 attended the AGM following hard canvassing for new blood with help from Heathlands School and the Parish Council.  Of these 6 have  agreed to become committee members and will take on officer positions for the Club. They were all voted onto the newly formed committee and will be agreeing their exact portfolios over the next couple of weeks.

Youngsters Coming Through the Ranks

In addition to these new officers on the committee, Jamie Bowden, an existing youth volunteer at BYG, agreed to step up to become the new Club Leader. Other existing volunteers Matt Slark, Luke Bloomfield and Ewan Harding-Payne also agreed to become assistant Club Leaders. All were unanimously voted into their new positions.

As well as the new Club leader, 3 assistant club leaders and 6 additional officers forming the new committee, five of the younger helpers have confirmed they will continue volunteering on a Friday night.  The AGM ended with a social interlude where new committee members had time to get to know each other.

Extra Volunteers Welcomed

All that now remains is to ensure that there are enough additional volunteers available.  These are needed on on a rota basis, so that each session has a minimum of 14-15 volunteers. The committee will be seeking these additional helpers by the end of November so they are ready fill the gap.  The original team finally say goodbye at the Christmas disco in Friday 15th December.

It looks like the future of BYG is in safe hands.  🙂

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